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Captain America: Sam Wilson #15: Review

Nov 2016
Nick Spencer, Angel Unzueta

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4 stars

Captain America: Sam Wilson #15 Review by (November 19, 2016)
Comments: Battlestar was sidekick to John Walker when he was Captain America in CAP #332-350 and subsequently joined Silver Sable's Wild Pack in the '90s; his last appearances were during CIVIL WAR. Unlimited Class Wrestling, involving fighters with enhanced strength, was featured in several 1980's Marvel titles, most notably THE THING and CAPTAIN AMERICA.

Review: A comic centering on D-Man? Why not? It's a break for both Sam Cap and the reader who have both been bowing under the weight of the grim and gloomy stuff this comic has been peddling of late. The comic is short, amusing, and sweet and Cap fans of all types can unite to enjoy something that makes them happy.


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Captain America: Sam Wilson #15 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

After a very stressful run of events making life difficult for Captain America, Sam Wilson decides to take a night off, joining Joaquin (Falcon) Torres to take in a wrestling match at Madison Square Garden. This one brings back several old fighters from the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation to raise money for charity.  But it turns out Joaquin has invited another guest, Rage. Sam and Elvin start to bicker about their differences but Joaquin reminds them that they can unite for just one night in their love for the sport....

Dennis “D-Man” Dunphy is one of the performers in the show and he is worried about his age and weight. Entering the ring, Dennis puts on his old act but then he meets his mystery opponent: Lemar Hoskins a/k/a Battlestar. Unfortunately, there is some bad blood between them: when Lamar was just starting his wrestling career, Dennis was asked to take it easy on him, as he was being groomed for stardom in the League. Dennis, however, in a self-important mood, beat Lemar badly, ending the young fighter's career before it had even started. And now Battlestar has a mean and ugly look facing off against his one-time foe—and the battle is on.

Sam is startled to see Redwing in the arena—and then he and Joaquin pick up what the bird is seeing (via technology given them in issue #13). The event organizer, Jim Jay McMayhew, and his henchmen are stealing the charity money raised that night. Sam and Joaquin shout this to Dennis and he and Battlestar jump out of the ring and take on the baddies. The battle is swift, victorious...and “a helluva lot of fun” for the two wrestlers.

After the match, Dennis and Lemar talk and the latter reveals he has no real grudge against Dennis, it was just a part of the show. Sam looks back on the evening and is grateful for the chance to join with people of all types uniting to enjoy something that makes them happy.

Angel Unzueta
Angel Unzueta
John Rauch
Paul Renaud (Cover Penciler)
Paul Renaud (Cover Inker)
Paul Renaud (Cover Colorist)


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