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Captain America: Sam Wilson #18: Review

Jan 2017
Nick Spencer, Daniel Acuna

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4 stars

Captain America: Sam Wilson #18 Review by (January 22, 2017)
Comments: Big Question: Why does Steve Cap look like Kiefer Sutherland?

Review: After several months of Sam Cap brooding over why no one likes him, it looks like we're finally getting somewhere. Inflammatory video goes viral and Nick Spencer gives us his take on the Black Lives Matter movement. I don't usually like comic books to address controversial real-life issues, partly because I want my comics to be fun and not nagging at me like the news but also because they usually oversimplify the issues and end up with a biased presentation. Now we'll see what Nick Spencer can do....


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Captain America: Sam Wilson #18 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

The issue opens with Captain America Sam Wilson brooding over how his plans to do the right thing have crumbled into bitter controversy....

Misty Knight wakes Sam to show him the news on television: how Rage was arrested by the Americops and accused of robbing a pawn shop. Suiting up Sam Cap goes to the police station where he talks to Elvin (Rage) and learns his side of the incident. Cap suggests asking Peter Parker for bail money then engaging Matt Murdock or Jennifer Walters as defense—but Elvin refuses. He doesn't want a high profile rescue, he wants the plight of the black man in America made public, via a major trial; that will be his way of fighting for justice....

Sam goes home and locates the surveillance footage from the birds showing the pawn shop incident. The footage supports his version of the events. Cap talks to his team about what to do: Misty, D-Man, and Falcon say he must make the film public. When Sam hesitates, Joaquin gets mad and walks out. Cap talks to a representative of the Mayor who tells him the footage will tear the county apart. Sam's minister brother expresses his faith in Sam and prays for him. Sam goes to see Steve Rogers for his guidance; Steve tells him to trust his instincts....

That night, Sam hits send and the inflammatory film goes out over the internet....

Daniel Acuna
Daniel Acuna
Daniel Acuna
Daniel Acuna (Cover Penciler)
Daniel Acuna (Cover Inker)
Daniel Acuna (Cover Colorist)


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