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Captain America: Symbol of Truth #1: Review

May 2022
Tochi Onyebuchi, R B Silva

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Homeland Part 1

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4 stars

Captain America: Symbol of Truth #1 Review by (May 11, 2022)

Review: “Making this country a place where we can live and thrive, that’s my job.” Decent first issue for Sam Cap’s second volume features a lot of action and a nice intro to the character. Really don’t see much as it’s just setting up the plotlines for the first story arc, including the Super-Soldier Serum, Latin American immigrants, and the biggest deal, a plot to overthrow Wakanda.

Comments: Joaquin Torres, the second Falcon, was introduced in CAPTAIN AMERICA: SAM WILSON #3 and became Falcon in issue #6 of that title. White Wolf is a Black Panther villain, introduced in BLACK PANTHER (1998 series) #4.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America: Symbol of Truth #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Acting on a tip from Misty Knight, Captain America (Sam Wilson) and Falcon (Joaquin Torres) are in the American Southwest, pursuing a train carrying a shipment of Super-Soldier Serum. The train is attacked by a band of mercenaries on copter and in cars. Cap leaps to intercept a missile headed for Falcon and is knocked for a loop; he groggily recalls how this all started….

Sam and Misty Knight were lunching together in San Francisco. They passed a man from the Wakandan Forever movement addressing a crowd, trying to convince them that America is all wrong and the only place for Black people to live is Wakanda. While they banter romantically, she suggests he join her in the FBI’s Aberrant Crimes Division. Misty then tells him of the train in the Southwest carrying components of the Serum. He decides to check it out….

Sam awakens and beats up the mercenaries who have boarded the train. Communications jammed by the bad guys open up after Falcon wrecks the satellite controlling the drone devices so Cap calls for back-up. The bad guys dealt with, Sam and Joaquin discover there is no cargo on the train; they were on their way to pick it up when ambushed. Falcon discovers some people hiding in a car; it’s his cousin Luisa with a couple of kids and an ailing old woman. Troops sent by Senator Mansfield clean up the mess and apprehend the rest of the baddies while Luisa and the others are sent to a secret facility for immigrants, accompanied by Falcon. Cap wonders what is going on….

At a federal prison, Brock Rumlow a/k/a Crossbones is visited by the White Wolf. WW tries to enlist an uninterested Crossbones into joining his plan to overthrow a nation and makes the offer sweeter by telling Rumlow he let him kill Captain America….

R B Silva
R B Silva
Jesus Aburtov
R B Silva (Cover Penciler)
R B Silva (Cover Inker)
Jesus Aburtov (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Caramagna.


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Captain America
Captain America

(Sam Wilson)

(Joaquin Torres)

Plus: White Wolf (Hunter).

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