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Captain America #695: Review

Nov 2017
Mark Waid, Chris Samnee

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Home of the Brave Part 1

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4 stars

Captain America #695 Review by (November 4, 2017)
Comments: First issue under the Marvel Legacy banner, restoring the original numbering system. Bonus: they show the math as to how they arrived at this issue number. Issue contains a message from returning writer Mark Waid and a three page summary of Cap's career. Added bonus: Issue includes Marvel Value Stamp 9: Iron Man. Oh yeah, first appearance of Rampart, even though they've technically been around for ten years.

Review: A back-to-basics relaunch of the immortal patriotic hero Captain America, which ignores his supporting cast for now, focusing on who Cap is and what he stands for. Mark Waid returns as writer after his great late 90s-early 200s run where he went into the theme in great detail. Now, patriotism seems like a simpler thing (it isn't though) and he presents us with a simple message: the strong protect the weak. We'll see where this takes us in months to come...and I trust Mark Waid. I was never overly fond of Chris Samnee's art because I thought it looked too juvenile—and in part it still does, but it also has the simplicity that matches the theme and likewise, we'll see where this goes. Come along for the ride.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #695 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Ten years ago, shortly after coming out of the ice, Captain America protected the town of Burlington, Nebraska from a white supremacist group called Rampart. The villains were trying to seize control of the local police station when Cap went into action, protecting children who were on a field trip and encouraging the bigger kids to protect the smaller ones. Cap, unfamiliar to the people because of his long absence, declines to give his name and rides off....

Ten years later, Steve Rogers returns to discover the town has renamed itself to Captain America, and he is arriving during the annual Captain America Celebration.

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He checks out the stuff for sale, talks to a guy who doesn't believe Cap was on ice and assuming it's a new guy in the outfit, and listens to various citizens talk about how Cap inspired them to do something heroic. Suddenly, members of the Rampart arrive, planning their big comeback to start with the massacre of the citizens of the town where they got their start. Just as suddenly, a shield flies through the air, disabling the bad guys' guns... And Steve Rogers reveals himself as Captain America and the battle is on.

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Cap mops up the baddies and shields the citizens from the leader's suicide bomb. Cap explains that he did not come for the festival as such things make him self-conscious, but to stop the villains. He is hailed as a hero and an inspiration but points out how the citizens of the town were equally heroic and inspiring. And with a quick reminder that the strong protect the weak, he is off again...

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Chris Samnee
Chris Samnee
Matthew Wilson
Chris Samnee (Cover Penciler)
Chris Samnee (Cover Inker)
Matthew Wilson (Cover Colorist)


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