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Captain America #700: Review

Apr 2018
Mark Waid, Chris Samnee

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3 stars

Captain America #700 Review by (April 11, 2018)

Review: Yeah, yeah, so future Cap is put back in his own time and he changes the timeline so that the comic can go ahead as if this Waid/Samnee run had never existed. I saw this coming months ago, did you? Anyway, the sight of Captain America again fighting for freedom and sacrificing himself so that the nation may live is quite welcome and serves as a heartfelt tribute to our favorite hero. The real interesting bit is that there is a new Jack Kirby Cap story—sort of. Kirby's art repurposed to a new story? Great idea and the next best thing to him being alive to create something new.

Comments: Thing and Hulk appear on the cover but not inside the issue, though Bruce Banner appears. “The Gantlet” was created by Mark Waid by rearranging various pages from Jack Kirby's Cap artwork and writing a new story to tie them together. Cap's Corner, an end of the issue feature, has letters from several readers saying what Captain America means to them.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #700 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

2025: with the fall of the Rampart America headed by King Babbington, Captain America finds himself king of a struggling nation in all but name. His most pressing job is to hold off foreign armies invading to take advantage of the power vacuum and he doesn't know how he can.

His aide Liang has a surprise for him: Bruce Banner has created a device which can send him back to his own time so he can stop the rocket launch that led to Rampart's conquest of the USA. Cap refuses, seeing all this as theoretical while the people he has to protect now are real. For nearly a year, Cap coordinates military activity with rebuilding the country, reviving agriculture, erecting buildings, recreating utilities, and more. ...and then New York is destroyed in a nuclear holocaust.

Cap then decides he does not belong there, they are winning battles and losing the war because he is a soldier and doesn't know how to quit. So he accepts Banner's offer to send him back; Liane asks him to look her up when he gets home....

Panels sample #2

Cap arrives back in his own time just as Rampart is freezing “him” in the ice. He assaults the enemy ship, tearing his way through guards and soldiers until he reaches the control room where Babbington is ready to launch the fateful missile. Cap leaps on the missile, ripping it open with his bare hands until it detonates, killing himself and stopping Rampart once and for all....

Panels sample #3

The “other” Cap, breaks out of the ice and wonders at what just happened.

Later, Steve writes to Sharon Carter, updating her on his travels throughout the USA and assuring her that he will be back when he is needed and he puts the letter in the hands of a postal clerk—Liang.

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Story #2: “THE GANTLET!”

Writer: Mark Waid. Pencils: Jack Kirby. Inks: Frank Giacoia. Colors: Matthew Wilson.

Synopsis: Leaving Tony Stark's lab, Captain America races to get the cure for a deadly disease to Nick Fury; he runs into armored gunmen working for the Red Skull and easily defeats them. A tough guy with a huge energy weapon starts shooting at him; Cap stops him while trying to warn him that the stolen weapon is unstable but it explodes in the thug's hands, killing him. Cap then encounters Batroc the Leaper and they engage in a duel that ends with the Frenchman's defeat. Cap reaches Fury with the cure—and it's a cure for a virus infecting the Life Model Decoys as part of the Red Skull's latest scheme.

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Chris Samnee
Chris Samnee
Matthew Wilson
Chris Samnee (Cover Penciler)
Chris Samnee (Cover Inker)
Matthew Wilson (Cover Colorist)


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Batroc the Leaper

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Captain America
Captain America

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