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Captain America #15: Review

Oct 2019
Ta-Nehisi Coates, Jason Masters

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The Legend of Steve Part III

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4 stars

Captain America #15 Review by (October 16, 2019)

Review: A new plot this issue? We’ve been following Cap framed and on the run for a while; now there’s suddenly a plot about police murderers for Cap to be concerned with. We’ll assume that this ties into the Power Elite main plot eventually but it’s a bit more interesting than the last several tales have been. And the return of an old bad guy who holds a lot of promise: Scourge! And Jason Masters returns to supply some nice art after a weak one-issue hiatus. Cool!

Comments: The history of Scourge of the Underworld is rather complicated; the main story arc is in CAPTAIN AMERICA #318-321, with Scourge appearing occasionally thereafter. His most recent appearance was in CAPTAIN AMERICA (2011) #11-14 in 2012. And note that, again, the solicit does not match the issue.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #15 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Undercover cop Angel Larimore is gunned down in a New York street, the latest victim in a rash of cop killings….

Steve Rogers meets with some of the Daughters of Liberty: Sharon Carter, Misty Knight, Echo, and Toni Ho. Steve spies Alexandra Lukin in the files of Power Elite members; discovering that she’s Aleksander Lukin’s wife, he asks who they have tailing her. The women immediately become silent and Steve confronts Sharon when they are alone, asking her why they are keeping secrets from him. She is angry and conciliatory at the same time but Steve gets a call from ex-girlfriend Bernie Rosenthal and chooses to keep the purpose of her call a secret….

Later, Steve meets with Bernie in the park, both disguised. Bernie describes having had a call from Angel Larimore, asking her to set up a meeting with Captain America; she thinks it is related to the recent rash of cop killing that Mayor Wilson Fisk is covering up for his own purposes. She advises Steve to stay away, but knowing he won’t, gives him an address where Larimore said he had hidden a video. Bernie again tries to warn him….

Steve goes to the address indicated and discovers Misty Knight and Spider-Woman battling a band of Watchdogs; Steve joins in and they are soon defeated. He gets the video and takes it back to their hideout where Tony tries to break the encryption. Matters are a bit strained between Steve and Sharon as they try to find a connection between the Watchdogs and Larimore. Toni is successful and they watch the video: a SWAT team enters a warehouse and there is a sudden explosion, followed by the cops being shot down by a marksman with pinpoint precision; Steve is nauseated but then there enters the scene a man in a white mask and a long white coat: Scourge….

Jason Masters
Jason Masters
Matt Milla
Alex Ross (Cover Penciler)
Alex Ross (Cover Inker)
Alex Ross (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Jessica Drew)

Plus: Bernie Rosenthal, Daughters of Liberty, Echo (Maya Lopez), Iron Patriot (Toni Ho), Scourge (Scourge of the Underworld), Watchdogs.

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