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Captain America and the Falcon #11: Review

Mar 2005
Christopher Priest, Joe Bennett

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I, M.O.D.O.K.

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3.5 stars

Captain America and the Falcon #11 Review by (November 10, 2012)
Review: A stunning final page (if you were a giant monster, where would you go to die quickly? Right in front of the Hulk, of course!) almost makes up for the muddled storyline. The “who is in whose cranium” is one of the easier things to understand in this chaotic issue. So this McGuffin we’ve been chasing since issue #1 was a bio-weapon, then a DNA sample then MODOK’s DNA and now we’re told it’s a weapon to kill MODOK? Is Christopher Priest making this up as he goes along? And I thought they said Amari was not present in Montclair? She’s there in time to be the Woman in the Refrigerator (look it up). And how does Cap contact MODOK since he didn’t know where he was? Falcon’s empathy with Redwing allows him to break free from the villain’s mind control but what about Anti-Cap—what’s his excuse? And I’m impressed that Priest has read Augustine but what was the point of the lengthy quote? On the other hand, next issue has the Hulk!

Comments: “Brothers & Keepers, Part 4 of 5.” MODOK/Rivas’ discourse on the nature of God is taken from The Confessions of St. Augustine.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America and the Falcon #11 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Having heard the reports that Admiral Jimmy Westbrook’s yacht was sunk in the harbor, Captain America and SHIELD Agent Ali Morales head there underwater to search for the still-missing Westbrook. On arrival, they are attacked by Navy SEALs who stand down when Cap reveals that he is not the rogue super-sailor Anti-Cap. While exploring the yacht, Cap fills Ali and the reader in on some plot details lost in the mix: the DNA panel which everyone has been after is actually a bio-weapon designed to kill MODOK, used by Westbrook to control the monster. The mind of Damocles Rivas has been trapped in MODOK’s body, which is why Cap tried to reason with him last issue, and MODOK’s mind controls Rivas’ body….

At A.I.M. headquarters, MODOK has Falcon and Anti-Cap prisoners and is messing with their minds: each sees himself in his place of origin, Anti-Cap in the bombed Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Falcon on the island of the Exiles. Suddenly they are attacked by gunmen who Falcon sees as the Red Skull’s henchmen and Anti-Cap as special ops agents. Falcon flies them away—straight into a giant MODOK/Rivas hybrid monster that destroys them with a mental beam….

Cap and Ali meet with Nick Fury at the Rivas compound in New Jersey, where Cap explains how MODOK has devised a way to transport himself instantaneously to anywhere in the world (like e-mail). They contact MODOK and have Damocles Rivas’ beloved niece Amari plead for him to surrender and when that fails, Ali threatens to kill her. This causes Rivas (in the MODOK body) to crash through the wall to save Amari—but she isn’t there, the transmission was recorded. The distraction enables Falcon and Anti-Cap to break free from the villain’s mind control and the rogue Navy man scoops up a gun and shoots down Rivas’ body. This forces MODOK’s mind back into its original cranium where it fights for control with Rivas. Ali Morales fires the DNA weapon but it fails; MODOK had tampered with the sample while it was being created: instead of killing him, it makes him stronger, and if MODOK dies, a deadly virus will become airborne and threaten the world. He unleashes a deadly force blast at Cap…and kills Amari instead. The shocked Damocles Rivas seizes control of the shared monster body and determines that MODOK must die; he teleports away, with Cap leaping into the beam after him…

…only to appear in Singapore…right in front of the rampaging Hulk….

Joe Bennett
Jack Jadson
Transparency Digital
Joe Bennett (Cover Penciler)
Jack Jadson (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Sam Wilson)

(Bruce Banner)

Plus: Alisande Morales, Anti-Cap, Damocles Rivas.

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