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Carnage #1: Review

Oct 2010
Zeb Wells, Clayton Crain

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Carnage Part One

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4 stars

Carnage #1 Review by (April 4, 2018)

Review: There is likely no more hideous, disgusting, horrifying Marvel villain than Carnage—and now we have him in his own miniseries, and you know what? This is the worst I've ever seen him. And I mean that in a good way: Clayton Crain's painted art makes the symbiote look every bit as disturbing and gruesome as he should be. The whole thing with the slimy tendrils and the distorted bodies and all hit me in the gut. Yeah, there's a lot that can be said about the plot and the characters (Spidey and Iron Man? Cool) but they won't cancel out the visceral effect this thing had on me and I can never look at Carnage the same way again. Except I'll have to: there's a sequel featuring Captain America that I can write up next. See you there soon.

Comments: The story is also known as “Family Feud” but that title does not appear in the comics.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Carnage #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

An armored car races down a New York street pursued by a car and both pursued by the Doppelganger, a six-armed, four-eyed parody of Spider-Man....

Tony Stark is at a medical supply expo where inventor Michael Hall is demonstrating a carbon-based microchip which would allow artificial limbs to be controlled by thought. As Tony steps out of the building, he spies the crazy progression and suits up as Iron Man, contacting Peter Parker to meet him as Spider-Man....

The Doppelganger lands on the windshield of the armored car, causing the driver to slam on the breaks which causes the pursuing car to crash into the truck. Iron Man confronts the monster but is quickly entangled in silk webbing. As Spidey quickly fills IM in on the Doppelganger's history, an angry mob gathers and attacks the heroes. The monster then attacks the woman who was driving the pursuing car. A pair of armored heroes, Royal Blue and Firebrick, arrive and cover the rioters in a synthetic netting. Royal Blue fires a blast that hits Doppelganger but also disintegrates the woman's right arm. As the armored car speeds off, the rioters snap out of their spell....

The armored car arrives at its destination and unloads their cargo: the villainess Shriek whose power it is to drive victims into a state of insanity. She is wheeled into a lab where she sees, floating in a huge tank, the Carnage symbiote....

Clayton Crain
Clayton Crain
Clayton Crain
Clayton Crain (Cover Penciler)
Clayton Crain (Cover Inker)
Clayton Crain (Cover Colorist)


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Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

(Peter Parker)

Plus: Doppelganger, Shriek (Frances Barrison).

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