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Civil War: House of M #5: Review

Jan 2009
Christos N. Gage, Andrea Di Vito

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Chapter 5: Rex

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4 stars

Civil War: House of M #5 Review by (August 9, 2022)

Review: See issue #1 for complete review.

And I will confess that, ever since X-MEN 2, I have chosen to cast my lot with Senator Kelly and insist that, if any of this were real, there should be a Mutant Registration Act. As I write this in the USA in June 2022, we are still reeling from a series of mass shootings, most notably the ones in Buffalo, New York and Ulvalde, Texas, and the angry debate continues over how to keep weapons out of the hands of dangerous people. But the problem the X-Men series raises is, “What if the weapons were people?” That’s where some comics fan said that if there’s someone out there who can rip up the Golden Gate Bridge with a wave of his hand, the government had better be keeping tabs on him. And now, having gone on record with a strong stand on an imaginary issue, I can sit back and say, “Isn’t it a good thing that comics are all make-believe?” and go on to read more comics.

Comments: House of M is officially designated Earth-58163. Other mutants seen include Unus,  Banshee, Dragoness, Iceman, Pyro; Rogue, Nightcrawler, and Mystique appear on the cover but are not in the miniseries at all. Magneto begins to quote the Bible “For what profiteth a man if he gain the whole world….” The passage is a slightly off quote from Mark 8:36 (King James Version) which concludes “and lose his own soul.” Magneto gives Carol Danvers the title of Captain Marvel, four years before she assumes it in Earth-616 as seen in CAPTAIN MARVEL (2012 series) #1.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Civil War: House of M #5 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Magneto is leading the mutant attack on the White House guarded by non-metallic Sentinels when he is informed that the US has fired missiles at Genosha. He leaves Polaris in charge of the attack, adding a word of encouragement (she does not know she’s his daughter). He has Gateway teleport him and Quicksilver to the SHIELD Helicarrier…

…where Vice President Bolivar Trask has ordered the attack on Genosha. But the missiles are stopped by Black Bolt; Trask orders nukes fired at the Inhumans’ homeland in Tibet but Dum Dum Dugan warns him that such a course of action would start a war with China. Magneto arrives in their midst and shuts off the engines, sending the craft crashing into New York Harbor. Sentinels arrive and Trask orders them to kill the mutants, regardless of the risk to human lives. Magneto hurls Trask into the path of a Sentinel’s beam weapon and Trask is obliterated; Magneto then leads the Sentinels to Central Park. Quicksilver rescues SHIELD Agent Carol Danvers who has been secretly aiding the mutant cause; she also asks to be taken to Central Park. Quicksilver leaves Carol there and races to Washington for reinforcements; Carol then reveals her alien powers and helps Magneto fight the Sentinels. In D.C., Quicksilver has Gateway open a portal to Central Park and he leads the troops through. Magneto is grabbed by a Sentinel so he brings down Air Force One, carrying President Richard M. Nixon, to decapitate the giant robot. Magneto takes Nixon prisoner and declares victory….

One week later in Genosha, Magnus announces that documents captured by Carol Danvers prove the existence of a worldwide anti-mutant conspiracy headed by Bolivar Trask. He rewards Carol with the title of Captain Marvel. And in honor of his human daughter Wanda and the memory of Charles Xavier, he announces that they will be seeking peace with the humans. He confides in Carol that the humans will all be gone in a few years, though he doesn’t notice her reaction to that statement. Magnus then takes Wanda, Pietro and Lorna into another room and informs them that they are his children. But the revelation only angers Lorna who believed her father abandoned her mother and never returned even when she was dying of cancer and she storms out. Wanda tells Magneto that for the first time mutants all over the world feel free—but what we see is mutants taking revenge against humans, bullying them with their powers, and Apocalypse taking over Egypt—and Magneto believes all his dreams have come true….

Andrea Di Vito
Andrea Di Vito
Bruno Hang
Mike Perkins (Cover Penciler)
Mike Perkins (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Dave Sharpe.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel

(Carol Danvers)

(Lorna Dane)
President Richard M. Nixon
President Richard M. Nixon

(Richard M. Nixon)

(Pietro Maximoff)
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch

(Wanda Maximoff)

Plus: Bolivar Trask, Gateway, Sentinels.

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