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Hawkeye: Freefall #2: Review

Jan 2020
Matthew Rosenberg, Otto Schmidt

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4.5 stars

Hawkeye: Freefall #2 Review by (August 4, 2020)

Review: More goofy antics from Clint Barton, like winging a speech at a charity event and bantering with Luke Cage while under fire (probably easier than bantering with Namor while under water). And Spidey and Tony Stark are guests, along with the new, improved Aunt May. But we also end with the big reveal namely, Clint is Ronin as everyone suspected. But how, you ask? (Go ahead, I’ll wait.) Nope, you’ll have to wait until next issue to answer that perplexing puzzle. Plus, I really like Bryce, a decent slacker kid who is a bit concerned about his employer—and almost spilled Hawkeye’s secret to the Big Bad.

Comments: First appearance of Bryce the hacker, whose importance to the series will only increase. First appearance of the Human Bomb, who shares a name with a couple of DC characters. I may be mistaken but it seems like Spidey thinks Axl Rose was a member of Metallica (it was Guns ‘n’ Roses, kids). But he does know that Christian Bale was Batman and starred in THE MACHINIST.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hawkeye: Freefall #2 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

A battered Clint “Hawkeye” Barton shows up at a big charity event with girlfriend Linda “Night Nurse” Carter who doesn’t know why he is there. Tony Stark stops by to chat and hostess May Parker introduces the largest donor up to speak to the group—and it turns out to be Clint, to the shock of both Tony and Linda. Clint takes the stage and absolutely butchers his speech while Linda talks to photographer Peter Parker who is suddenly called away for a “work” emergency…

…and Spider-Man shows up at a Hood drug lab where Ronin is beating up crooks and walking off with the money. The two spar while Spidey quips (those six words summarize at least one scene in every Spider-Man comic appearance) until Ronin sets off an explosion and while Spidey is trying to keep the building from falling down, Ronin takes off….

The next day finds Clint hiding behind a parked car while under automatic weapons fire from the Human Bomb. Luke Cage, unmindful of the flying bullets, approaches Clint to ask if he is the Ronin again, opining that he’s just another Punisher, who isn’t really helping anyone. Clint denies it and Cage picks up a manhole cover and hurls it to take down the bad guy. Cage invites Clint to lunch but first the eagle-eyed archer has to collect the arrows he’s fired….

The Hood is at a warehouse meeting when his hacker Bryce has something to tell him; Hood tells him not to interrupt and proceeds with interrogating a rival gang member about Ronin. The interrogation is cut short when Hood loses his temper and shoots the man, which also scares Bryce into keeping his news to himself….

Hawkeye visits a hospital and talks to the director, asking him to turn the damaged house (from the Ronin’s clash with Spider-Man) into a free drug rehab center. The boss man laughs but Clint shuts him up with a huge bag of cash….

That night, Ronin crashes into another Hood safe house and finds Bryce. He threatens to kill the hacker unless he lets him into the Hood’s safe. Bryce doesn’t think so: he’s compared footage of Ronin fighting a bad guy with film of Hawkeye fighting a bad guy. Same fighting style, therefore Ronin is Hawkeye. Which Clint reluctantly confirms….

Otto Schmidt
Otto Schmidt
Otto Schmidt
Kim Jacinto (Cover Penciler)
Kim Jacinto (Cover Inker)
Tamra Bonvillain (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Sabino.


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