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Hawkeye #3: Review

Oct 2012
Matt Fraction, David Aja

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4 stars

Hawkeye #3 Review by (January 15, 2022)
Kate Bishop gets to share the cover with Clint Barton.

Clint here talks about identifying his trick arrows with tape labels. I seem to remember he used to have the back ends specially shaped so he could tell them apart by feel when reaching for 1.

The girl will return in #8 where we'll learn that Clint knew her here as Cherry (hence the title of this issue), but her real name will turn out to be Penny.


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Hawkeye #3 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
This issue also starts with an action page from the middle of the story. This time Kate Bishop is driving a Dodge Challenger at high speed while Clint Barton leans out of the passenger window and fires arrows back at 4 (numbered) Mini Coopers which contain gunmen. But this time the whole story is going to be intercut.

The story starts with the 2 Hawkeye's at Clint's apartment. Lucky the dog has lost his bandages and is fine. Kate is in a new superheroine outfit, basically an asymmetrical purple unitard with cutouts. (Purple has been the basic colour for Hawkeye costumes since forever, but it's also the dominant colour in this title.) Clint wants to sort out his trick arrows. Kate has his net arrow with the netting hanging out. Clint shows her the boomerang arrow and she asks why anyone would *want* an arrow that comes back to you. He goes out to buy some tape to label the nocks (the notched back ends of the arrows). He takes his bow and arrows with him in a long bag slung over his shoulder.

In the car chase Clint fires an arrow which turns out to be a bola arrow. It entangles a gun but doesn't stop the man firing it. Clint tells Kate he wanted an acid arrow, but she can't tell them apart in his quiver because he *didn't label them*.

Clint's having trouble finding tape. But he does see a 1970 Dodge Challenger with a pretty woman putting some bags in the boot. He says he always wanted 1 of those and she offers to sell it to him for cash. He tells her he's got loads of money, but 1st can she drive him to a store that sells tape.

He finally gets an acid arrow and fires it into the grill of car #4 causing it to fall out of the chase. Then we learn that the woman is in the back seat tied up with tape over her mouth. We also learn the the chasers are the 'tracksuit Dracula mafia' from #1. Clint asks her if they're angry with *her* as well as him, but of course she can't reply.

The early part of the story has skipped some scenes. Clint and the woman drove to his bank where he withdrew the agreed amount of cash. Then they found an office supply shop where he bought his tape. Then they had sex at her place. Now they're getting dressed except Clint's too busy asking questions he should have asked before like what trouble is she in to be selling her car for airfare to escape. He notices 4 identical (except for the numbers) cars parked outside before handing her the promised money. Then the Draculas break in shooting and grab the girl. Clint fights them naked (with an old-style Hawkeye mask drawn to censor his privates, which will become a running joke in this series) until he gets KO'd by a rifle butt.

He wakes up and calls Kate at his place while dressing and asks her to come pick him up in his car so they can rescue this girl who's been kidnapped in *her* car. He explains that they can track her because his stuff is in her car including a tracer arrow. When Kate rolls up in his (purple) VW Beetle, Clint is outside finishing getting dressed. She jumps to the obvious correct conclusion.

The Dracula mafia guy driving the Challenger with the woman in it lets us know that she stole the car from his boss, and tells her it better not be scratched. Then Katie rams the Beetle into the side, annoying Clint because it's *his* car now. He drags the bad guy out of the car and the Hawk-duo take his place. Before they drive off he sticks the Dracula to the ground with a putty arrow. But then the 4 Mini Coopers arrive and give chase. Which is where we started.

We now continue after Clint-Hawk took out car 4. A sonic arrow doesn't do much good. Kate hands him another random shaft and its explosive tip turns car 3 over. She doesn't have a chance to use the Dodge's extra power to get away. But a cable arrow attached to a truck in another lane slices the roof off car 2, and a smoke bomb arrow stops its occupants from doing anything more. A rocket arrow causes an explosion but nothing else. Then as car 1 draws level Clint climbs onto their car's roof and gets purchase with a suction-tip arrow. Then he swings out to land on the other car and jab the driver with an electro-arrow. But the passenger has also reached out to grab Kate's steering-wheel. And both cars crash together.

Clint wakes (again) to a Mexican stand-off. The Dracula passenger wants to swap his life for the woman's but Kate isn't ready to deal. Clint tells her to 'loose' her arrow, so she fires it in the air. He'd recognised it as his boomerang arrow which doubles back and hits the back of the bad guy's head.

Later at the airport the woman offers to give Clint his money back because the Challenger's now a mess (but it seems he refuses the money and keeps the car). Then they kiss goodbye.

David Aja
David Aja
Matt Hollingsworth
David Aja (Cover Penciler)
David Aja (Cover Inker)
David Aja (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos.
Editor: Steve Wacker. Editor-in-chief: Axel Alonso.


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(Clint Barton)

Plus: Hawkeye (Kate Bishop).

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