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Hawkeye #6: Review

Dec 2012
Matt Fraction, David Aja

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Six days in the life of

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4 stars

Hawkeye #6 Review by (April 30, 2022)
This issue is called Six Days In The Life Of. The action actually spans 7 days, 13-19th of December, but not much happens on the 16th (at least that we see). The cover say Six Nights ... which is possibly correct.

There's something confusing. On the 13th Clint Barton says he's got the latest season of Dog Cops on a DVR, but on the 14th Grills gives him a DVR with it on. Maybe he'd already promised it to Clint? But I'm as amazed as Clint is that Grills will give (not loan) him a whole DVR box just to give him the recordings. Even if he says there's nothing worth recording now Dog Cops is over.

OK, so Hawkeye goes out on the 16th to face the tracksuit Draculas. The Marvel Fandom Wiki for the 'Tracksuit Mafia' says that he defeats them all and saves the building (at least for now). He must have done because he and his tenants are still alive and still living in the building. But I don't know that any issue shows or even mentions this.

I don't mention him but Lucky the Pizza Dog is hanging around the apartment throughout. Maybe he's the real fan of Dog Cops?

The Marvel Chronology Project has Kate Bishop here after the Mother saga in Young Avengers #1-13, so it's been many months since #5. Her next app will be the YA's New Year's Eve celebratory party in their #14-15.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hawkeye #6 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
This issue has events in 13-17th of December (not necessarily in order) scattered through current action on 18-19th of December. The individual sections are all dated. I'm going to describe it all in the proper sequence.

On Thursday Dec 13th Hawkeye, Spider-Man and Wolverine take down some AIM troops and hand them over to SHIELD. Clint Barton gets knocked out (again). Spidey suggests he give himself a holiday and he says he's got the latest season of Dog Cops on a DVR to watch.

On Friday evening Dec 14th Clint's up on the roof with the neighbours celebrating Kwanzaa. Grills gives him a DVR with the Dog Cops season on it. Clint tries to stop him calling him Hawkguy (Grills says like on MASH). The tracksuit Draculas (from #1 and #3) turn up to harass him. He goes down to meet them on the street and they beat him with baseball bats. (A stray arrow hits a cable dish on a fire escape.) Then they kidnap him ....

... and as midnight takes us into Saturday Dec 15th they deliver him to their boss (higher up than Ivan who we met in #1). He says he doesn't mind about Barton helping Ivan's wife (who Clint knows as Cherry) to escape (#3). But he does mind that he stole the apartment building from them (by forcing them to sell it to him in #1). This has annoyed the higher ups that the whole gang work for. Barton has 24 hours to quit the building or they'll come and kill him and everyone else. Then they dump him back outside the apartment block.

Back in his apartment Clint figures it's time to give in. He calls on bike messenger neighbour Aimee and asks her to deliver something to Kate Bishop.

But Kate turns up at his apartment that day to return the bow and demand to know what's up. He explains that he's leaving or the Draculas will kill everyone in the building. Kate tells him to stand up to them (but seemingly doesn't stop to help as the other Hawkeye). So Clint hangs around and then when the time ticks over into Sunday the 16th he goes outside. A Dracula is there in a van. He points a gun finger and then drives off. Hawkeye waits.

On Monday Dec 17th Clint decides to make his apartment his home by actually unpacking all his boxes. He finds stuff he'd forgotten he had like a Bladerunner laser disc. Neighbour Simone comes round to complain (because Barton owns the apartment block) that her cable doesn't work and her kids need to watch their favourite show's Christmas Special in a couple of days. The maintenance guy refuses to fix it because the dish is on a rickety fire escape and it was damaged by an arrow so it's Hawkeye's problem.

On Tuesday Dec 18th Clint has called on Tony Stark to help sort out his audio-visual equipment. But the wires are in such a tangle that they resort to cutting them. Tony suggests they throw out Clint's whole outdated setup and go buy some better new equipment and then he can watch Dog Days. He offers to pay as a Christmas present. Hawkeye says he's got money himself now but is reluctant say where he got it (liberated from Ringmaster and a load of mob bosses in #2). And he doesn't want new stuff because he's emotionally invested in what he's got.

Clint's got his apartment sorted out including his audio-visual equipment mounted on a wall. But he can't remember/figure out how it works. Then there's a knock on the door. It's neighbour Simone who's brought her kids round to watch their favourite TV show because her cable still isn't working. Clint says they can watch as much as they want if they can figure out how to make the controls work.

David Aja
David Aja
Matt Hollingsworth
David Aja (Cover Penciler)
David Aja (Cover Inker)
David Aja (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos.
Editor: Steve Wacker. Editor-in-chief: Axel Alonso.


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Plus: Hawkeye (Kate Bishop).

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