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Hawkeye Vs Deadpool #4: Review

Jan 2015
Gerry Duggan, Matteo Lolli

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4 stars

Hawkeye Vs Deadpool #4 Review by (July 15, 2023)
Kate Bishop goes quiet again, apart from a cameo with Clint in Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #5, until she rejoins Clint Barton for their next joint series All-New Hawkeye vol 1.

Clint-eye fits in more stuff in between.
He completes the current (2014) Secret Avengers series with #5-15.
He cameos in the Captain America (2012) #25 finale as Falcon takes over from the now-aged Steve Rogers.
Then he makes some apps in the Av & X-Men: AXIS event series.
Then more cameos in Thor (now Jane Foster) (2014) #2 and Nova (2013) #25 where Sam Alexander becomes an Avenger.
Then he helps Black Widow in #12-13,18 of her 2014 series.
Then he's part of a mass Avengers presence in Guardians Team-Up #1-2
Finally the cameo with Kate in USqG#5 and then a bigger role with the Avengers in #7.

Deadpool also next appears as an Avenger(!) in some of Secret Av #6-15.
Then he'll have his own 1st Annual and some other stuff including #35 of his (2013) series before popping up in #2 of A&X:AXIS.

Eleanor Camacho will continue to appear from DP#35 on.

Scott Adsit will also reappear in DP#37.

Typhoid Mary will have to wait until #6 of his following 2016 series (after Secret Wars and the end of the multiverse).

Meanwhile Black Cat will return to the Spider-Man franchise in Silk #1.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hawkeye Vs Deadpool #4 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Black Cat and her gang are after a USB drive that contains the personnel details of active SHIELD Agents. Deadpool and the 2 Hawkeyes are out to stop them and found the drive. But Clint Barton had been brainwashed by Dr Lusk and he took the USB stick to the baddies. However Wade Wilson and Kate Bishop followed him. In order to stop Felicia Hardy saving a copy of the data on the Internet Kate-eye blew up the electricity substation that powered the building while DP went to Avengers Mansion to get Clint-eye's old sky-cycle.

The explosion's fireball has jolted Barton out of his rudimentary brainwashing. Felicia is about to use her mobile to send the file to the Internet but an arrow smashes it and Clint demands the thumb drive. Cat urges her people to attack him because an Avenger wouldn't shoot them full of arrows. She's sort-of right because he shoots each of her top minions Typhoid Mary and Ivan in a hand and then dives for cover behind a grand piano as others open up with guns.

Then Kate dives through a window, scissor-kicks 2 of the goons and then joins him behind the piano where as usual Clint denies that he needed saving. Felicia assumes they've now run out of Hawkeyes but Deadpool then turns up riding Barton's sky-cycle and wearing the original Hawkeye costume, firing a machine gun through the window and declaring he's come to save them. Kate is adamant that they don't *need* saving. Clint wonders how Wade fixed the broken stabiliser. The answer is he didn't and he now veers off erratically to crash into a nearby building.

Clint tries reasoning with Black Cat. The authorities will be reacting to all this as a terrorist attack so she and her gang had better vamoose before they or Deadpool get here. Cat agrees but says she doesn't want to leave witnesses, so the Hawks react before the few remaining cannon fodder can resume shooting and take them out (non-lethally of course) with arrows. That just leaves the 4 main baddies. Ivan says he's got the drive so BC grabs Lusk and tells Typhoid to lay down covering fire and they exit. Mary asks if she'll come back for her but the answer is somewhat non-committal.

Psionic TM starts heating up the air around our duo when 'Pool swings in on a chandelier saying he's here again to save them. The Hawks chorus "We don't need saving!". Wade crashlands again and tells Mary to stop but she's now attacking them all. Then Clint claims to know her (which I don't believe he does) and she's no murderer, or at least she wouldn't roast them alive. Astonished (or maybe he gets through to Mary Walker within Typhoid) she lets him get close before she protests that he doesn't know her at all. But by then he's close enough to head butt her unconscious.

The 3 heroes regroup. Wade Wilson apologises for getting here late but he had to change out of Clint's uncomfortable costume. They spot the 3 baddies fleeing down a spiral stairway (because the lifts are out since the power went). The Hawk duo fire arrows which pin Ivan down but he tosses the drive to BC. Meanwhile DP descends on thin line (I think) to intercept the throw and runs away before Cat can stop him.

Felicia and Lusk slip away also but find a SWAT team in the building. Black Cat kisses the doctor to give him bad luck and then starts to descends an escalator (which does seem to be working) Behind her Lusk suddenly realises his coat is caught in the escalator. As he tries to free it his tie gets caught too and he possibly chokes to death before the escalator starts shredding him. Cat herself walks out pretending to be 1 of the brainwashed victims of the real villains, but she gets arrested anyway.

The 3 'Avengers' celebrate and then report to SHIELD Agent Scott Adsit who gave them the job of getting the USB drive. They hand it over as paramedics and police take the injured away, including sedated Typhoid. Kate is about to be billed for the destruction of the power substation but Deadpool claims responsibility (currently he's charging everything to Wolverine's credit card).  Clint admits to Adsit that everything's *his* fault because he let Lusk brainwash him to defeat Kate and Wade and take the drive to Cat. The other 2 have their reputations to consider so they claim that there was no fight, they just gave the drive to Clint as senior Avenger. Clint admits his brainwashed recollections are foggy.

Clint's not sure if Black Cat used her bad luck powers on him. They see her awfully quiet in a cop car and go over there where Barton asks her to take her spell off him. But they discover it's someone else in a costume and wig. It's the female cop who arrested her. When they wake her out her trance and ask her who she is she says Dawn of Justice (ie Dawn Musat of the Justice Department). And the real Cat is watching from a rooftop.

Later Adsit drops them off outside Clint's apartment block. Barton says he's still worried about BC giving him bad luck and he's going to Dr Strange for a mystical check-up. Wade thinks he'll get go to Domino for the same thing and invites Kate along but she declines because she thinks it's a strip club. Wade thinks the 3 make a great team and they should do it more often. Clint disagrees but Kate admits that she liked firing the rocket launcher at the end of last issue. She thanks him for helping her save Clint, who again vehemently denies he needed saving.

Clint stares at the large bloodstain outside the entrance where Jeremy Ellsden was killed (in #0) after Barton turned away his request for help. Wade offers to help clean it up, something he's had to become an expert at, but Clint says it's his responsibility and he'll handle it alone. The other 2 leave him to it. SHIELD deprogram Black Cat's brainwashed 'drones' by showing them videos of cuddly animals. Kate secretly delivers cat supplies to Ellsden's neighbour who's taken in his cat. Wade spends time with his daughter Ellie (and gives her a Hawkeye (Clint) doll).

Matteo Lolli
Jacopo Camagni
Nick Filardi
James Harren (Cover Penciler)
James Harren (Cover Inker)
Cris Peter (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Cory Petit.
Editor: Sana Amanat. Editor-in-chief: Axel Alonso.


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(Kate Bishop)

(Clint Barton)

Plus: Black Cat (Felicia Hardy), Scott Adsit, Typhoid Mary.

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