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Hulk #7: Review

Oct 2014
Gerry Duggan, Mark Bagley

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The Omega Hulk Chapter Three

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3 stars

Hulk #7 Review by (August 8, 2019)

Review: Hadn't seen Skaar for a while and now he's throwing punches with his dad; result: we'll never see him again—at least not in the same form. “Omega Hulk” continues with Doc Green shutting down all the gamma-powered people and trying to justify it to his subjects. Skaar doesn't buy it and likely neither would Bruce Banner. Rick and Betty sure don't. Anyway, more cool stuff to come as Gerry Duggan ably continues the great Mark Waid's work. And Mark Bagley is a great Hulk artist.

Comments: Skaar, Son of Hulk, was introduced in WORLD WAR HULK #5, leading to his own ongoing series which ran for 17 issues and in INCREDIBLE HULK #601 and following; the depowered Skaar shows up in CIVIL WAR II: THE FALLEN. The film Doc Green alludes to with Skaar is KILL BILL: VOLUME 1. It looks like Hulk's hair, burned off in his fight with Skaar, apparently regrows during the time it takes to teleport from the Savage Land to Paris; no, there was clearly an intermediate station because both guys have also changed their clothes and Hulk has filled a backpack for Skaar


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hulk #7 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
In his quest to rid the world from Gamma spawned monsters, Doc Green (the Incredible Hulk's current incarnation) visits Hulkling. The teen explains Doc that his powers aren't from Gamma radiation but from his shape-shifting abilities. Doc Green buys into that and leaves him alone in search for his very own son, Skaar.

Skaar is living in the Savage Land because it reminds him of his home planet, Sakaar. Skaar resists and fights Doc Green for a while, but the later finally applies his serum via a special syringe, and Skaar turns into his smaller young-adult self. 

Believing Skaar would no longer survive in the Savage Land, Doc Green takes his Gamma-de-powered son (who still holds the Old Power inherited from his mother Caiera though) to Paris, a place Skaar seems to get used to very quickly.

Back in his Beehive headquarters, Doc Green's arrogant behavior upsets his group of scientists. Doc Green retrieves to his room, and while doing yoga, he falls to sleep. A transformation into Bruce Banner follows, but Doc Green fights it back, overcoming it.

Meanwhile, Rick Jones visits Betty Ross at the new lair of S.H.I.E.L.D. to let her know Doc Green is coming for her. This makes her mad as she turns into the Red She-Hulk.

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Mark Bagley
Drew Hennessy
Jason Keith
Gary Frank (Cover Penciler)
Brad Anderson (Cover Inker)


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Betty Ross
Betty Ross

(Elizabeth Ross)
Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

(Robert Bruce Banner)
Doc Green
Doc Green


(Bruce Banner)

(Teddy Altman)
Red She-Hulk
Red She-Hulk

(Betty Ross)

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