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Hulkling and Wiccan Infinity Comic #3: Review

Nov 2021
Josh Trujillo, Jodi Nishijima

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Possibilities part 3

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3.5 stars

Hulkling and Wiccan Infinity Comic #3 Review by (November 19, 2021)
I'm not sure if any point is being made by the choice of dream lovers. If they are supposed to be ideals then Hulkling's is a bigger him and Wiccan's is unobtainable.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hulkling and Wiccan Infinity Comic #3 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Hulkling and Wiccan have been sent by a magic video game into 'alternate' lives where they've forgotten about each other and found new loves. Agatha Harkness may be behind it.

Wiccan and Eidolon fly to William's apartment and discuss what they'll do this evening. But Eidolon thinks Wiccan has spent too long trying to free him from his wraith-state between life and death. He keeps trying ever more dangerous spells and none of them work. He believes it's time William moved on to find someone who can be with him completely. But William says all he wants is to bring his love back to life and he *knows* he can do it.

Kree/Skrull Emperor Hulkling consults a Skrull seer who has detected a cosmic disturbance eating away at reality. The seer says that Earth is too blame as usual and advises sending an expeditionary force to make them stop. Teddy wonders if the humans are what's been nagging at his mind recently. But then he's distracted by the sight of his lover Goebig. He tells the seer to keep monitoring the situation. "Things are going well in the Empire. We have too much to lose."

We get another shot of Agatha's eyes.

William and Eidolon are standing before a classical statue with 3 hooded heads, like the Living Tribunal but female with 4 arms. Wiccan is going to retry the spell from last issue, which Eidolon says nearly killed him. The mage says he was distracted last time (by a thought of Teddy). He again chants "Restore my love", but something happens to *him* not Eidolon. He hears words spoken to him by Teddy at various stages of their relationship. He sees them together clearly. And then returns to Eidolon with his true memories restored.

He calls himself Billy not William and he can remember another love. Eidolon says it must be an illusion caused by the gods. But Billy says he's got to find *him* to see if he's real. He's distressed to leave Eidolon but he does.

Jodi Nishijima
Jodi Nishijima
Matt Milla
Jodi Nishijima (Cover Penciler)
Jodi Nishijima (Cover Inker)
Matt Milla (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Ariana Maher.
Editor: Alanna Smith. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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(Teddy Altman)

Plus: Agatha Harkness, Wiccan (Billy Kaplan).

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