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Immortal Hulk #0: Review

Sep 2020
Al Ewing, Mattia De Iulis

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At Ground Zero

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5 stars

Immortal Hulk #0 Review by (September 22, 2020)

Review: A special issue getting all readers up to date on the history of Hulk’s father Brian Banner as he is presumably about to take an even greater part in this comic than he has been. The small amount of new material serves primarily as a framework on which to hang two classic stories. And the stories themselves are terrific, even in their contrasting styles. Mantlo and Mignola deliver a valuable summary of Bruce’s relationship with his father and how that affects the Hulk today. P. David and A. Kubert hand us something much more surreal, Bruce’s history seen as a pageant on stage hosted by Stan Lee. Masterful piece of work—and now we’ll see how Ewing and Bennett make it even crazier.

Comments: Special issue falls between IMMORTAL HULK #36 and 37. Sinnott Memorial Cemetery is named after Joe Sinnott, late great Marvel inker. Issue reprints the covers of the two reprinted comics.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Immortal Hulk #0 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Brian Banner wanders into a cemetery and spies the grave of his wife Rebecca; he refuses to believe she’s dead and demands that she get up. He finds a glowing star on the grave which takes him back to the birth of his son, Bruce….

Writer: Bill Mantlo. Pencils: Mike Mignola. Inks: Gary Talaoc. Colors: Bob Sharen.
Reprinted from INCREDIBLE HULK #312.

Brian Banner remembers that it’s all the fault of his son the monster and he smashes the star. He is interrupted by the groundskeeper who relates a story told him by his predecessor….

“Grave Matters”
Writer: Peter David. Pencils: Adam Kubert. Inks: Mark Farmer. Colors: Dan Brown.
Reprinted from INCREDIBLE HULK #-1.

The groundskeeper shows Brian Banner his own corpse lying on his wife’s grave and reveals himself to be the Leader. The villain absorbs Banner into his (Leader’s) body saying “Welcome home”//

// cut to Brian Banner telling Bruce, “Welcome home.”

Mattia De Iulis
Mattia De Iulis
Mattia De Iulis
Mattia De Iulis (Cover Penciler)
Mattia De Iulis (Cover Inker)
Mattia De Iulis (Cover Colorist)


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Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

(Robert Bruce Banner)

(Bruce Banner)

Plus: Brian Banner.

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