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Incredible Hulk #110: Review

Sep 2007
Greg Pak, Carlo Pagulayan

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World War Hulk - Warbound (Part 4)

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4 stars


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Incredible Hulk #110 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
The Hulk finds Amadeus Cho talking to his captives in Madison Square Garden (which the Hulk made into a fighting arena). Cho was supposedly the Hulk's friend so now things don't look good for the super-genius boy. But Cho is convinced that the Hulk doesn't kill. The Hulk charges against Cho's impertinence, pounding the teen's right and left sides, while Scorpion and others come to Cho's rescue. But the awesomely bright teenager IS right. The Hulk does not want to kill his enemies; Cho concludes how the Hulk's brain works: "You're like me" Cho says to the Hulk, "You can see everything, the mathematics of every object around you. As long as your brain hasn't been tampered with, there's a part of you that's always running the numbers. You know where the innocents are and how to save them."

Amadeus later sends a rescue call to the Renegades and Scorpion inflicts her powerful poison which almost topples the Hulk for good. While in pain, Cho calls the Hulk a monster and responsible for the deaths of Jarella, Betty and Caiera. After healing, the Hulk seemingly smashes Cho but doesn't even touch him. The boy's right, he pushed Jade Jaws to the limit, and proved his point: The Hulk doesn't kill!

What the Hulk DOES want is his enemies, controlled by Obedience Disks, to KILL THEMSELVES in the arena. And that show is about to begin...    

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Carlo Pagulayan
Jeffrey Huet
Gary Frank (Cover Penciler)


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