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Infinity Gauntlet #4: Review

Oct 1991
Jim Starlin, Ron Lim

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Cosmic Battle on the Edge of the Universe

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3 stars

Infinity Gauntlet #4 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Though all of the Earth heroes are destroyed in this issue, it isn’t clear how the Hulk meets his end. He is last seen leaping away (or being knocked away) from a giant Thanos but appears otherwise unharmed. Other pencilers: George Perez. Other inkers: Bruce Golotoff. Other colorists: Ian Laughlin.

Additional comments on tie-ins by Rob Johnson:-

At the beginning of the issue Thanos freezes his attackers in time, before Mephisto persuades him to impress Death by meeting them in a 'fair' fight. But even before that he removes their mystic anchor Dr Strange.
In DrS, Sorcerer Supreme #33 he sends Strange with Clea back in time to Ancient Egypt where he meets Cleopatra and the magician Zota again for the 1st time (it's a time-travel paradox thing). With the help of a Scroll Of The Vishanti from the Great Library Of Alexandria he contacts Dr Druid who gets them back to the present again.
But DrS never seems to interfere in this issue.

Silver Surfer #55-56 recounts a vision Norrin Radd has of what the universe will be like under the rule of Thanos. At the end of #56 Adam Warlock wakes him from the dream and sends him (near the end of this issue) streaking in to try to take the Infinity Gauntlet as Thanos faces his final opponent Captain America. Of course he fails and Adam has to call in the cosmic squad.

SS#57-58 is another 2-parter which begins just after Surfer fails to get the Gauntlet near the end of the issue. As SS retreats Thanos blasts him sending him out of reality and into a realm where he has to make peace with people he's betrayed (or thinks he has). He gets back just in time for our #5.

Hulk #384 begins in #4 and ends in #5. Early in #4 Hulk attacks Thanos who drastically shrinks him, and we never see him again. In #384 Hulk is transported back to Earth miniaturised.
He spends the bulk of the issue on Abomination's shoulder as a ghostly voice persuading him to let his ex-wife Nadia go, resolving the plotline from #383.
At the end of the issue Dr Strange transports him away to the beginning of DrSSS#35, which itself is within IG#5.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Infinity Gauntlet #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
The heroes arrive at the space shrine to confront Thanos. Mephisto suggests to Thanos that it would impress Mistress Death if the contest were not so one-sided so Thanos agrees to limit his knowledge so that he cannot foresee his opponents’ moves. The battle begins and the Earth heroes, while putting up a valiant effort, are vanquished one by one. When the only foe remaining is Captain America, and Thanos raises this fist to deal the death blow, Adam Warlock gives the signal and Silver Surfer speeds toward them to seize the Infinity Gauntlet from his hand—and misses. Thanos, having eliminated all his foes, wills himself back to full power. Warlock moves on to the greater phase of his plan: the Cosmic Beings attack.
Other characters appearing in this issue: Doctor Strange, Eros. Hulk, Thor, She-Hulk, Vision, Wolverine, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Quasar, Cloak, Nova, Cyclops, Scarlet Witch, Namor, Drax the Destroyer, Firelord. Galactus, the Watcher, Kronos, Lord Chaos, Master Order, the Stranger, Love and Hate, two Celestials. Terraxia, Nebula, Doctor Doom.

Ron Lim
Joe Rubinstein
Christie Scheele
George Perez (Cover Penciler)


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