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Invaders, The #13: Review

Aug 1976
Roy Thomas, Frank Robbins

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The Golem Walks Again

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4 stars

Invaders, The #13 Review by (August 27, 2018)

Review: Bizarre twist: the Invaders are brought to a real-life danger zone: the Warsaw Ghetto. And the Ghetto finds a hero: Jacob Goldstein/the Golem, who awaits the day his people rise up over the Nazi enemy. But...we know that the Warsaw Ghetto revolted and was destroyed by the Nazis in April 1943. So where was the Golem? His only subsequent appearance is in INVADERS Vol 2 which is set prior to April 1943; why didn't he go back to aid his people in Warsaw? Because this is a comic book and only make-believe, lending this flight of fantasy a measure of sadness. That's the trouble with playing around in authentic history: sometimes the heroes have to lose. Even when the “enemy” is such a cartoon as this Colonel Eisen. Even when the hero makes a promise to protect his people.

Comments: Part three of three parts. Sole appearance of Colonel Eisen/the Face. Jacob Goldstein/the Golem reappears in INVADERS (1993 series) #2-4 on the side of the bad guys; he is not related to the Golem who had a brief Marvel series in the 1970s, starting with STRANGE TALES #174, plus his own Marvel Value Stamp. Ed Summer is credited with plot assist.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Invaders, The #13 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Gassed last issue, the Invaders awaken to find themselves prisoners of the Nazi commander Colonel Eisen, called “The Face” because the right side of his head is covered with a leather mask. Captain America and Bucky are in chains, Spitfire is strapped to a rack, Human Torch and Toro are submerged in a tank of water and Sub-Mariner is encased in concrete with heat lamps to keep him dried out. Eisen has orders to send the prisoners to Berlin where they will be paraded like animals....

In his shop, scholar Jacob Goldstein studies ancient texts until he uncovers the means to recreate the legendary Golem. Mixing clay with heavy water stolen from the Germans, he shapes a figure with “emeth,” the Hebrew word for “truth” on the figure's forehead. A bolt of lightning hits at that moment, fusing Jacob and his creation, creating a ten-foot-tall monster with a grudge against the Nazi occupiers. It stalks through the streets, clobbering soldiers and rescuing Jews from danger, crashing through the Ghetto wall and smashing its way into Nazi headquarters. Col. Eisen flees, protecting himself with Cap's shield; the Golem heads to the dungeon where it frees the captive Invaders, who head through the building fighting the enemy. The Golem captures Eisen on the top floor; the Nazi tries to bargain with it but the clay monster hurls the baddie off the roof to his death. After this, the Golem rubs its forehead and accidentally erases the first letter of “emeth” to leave “meth,” Hebrew for death. The creature turns back into Jacob Goldstein who refuses to return to England, preferring to remain in Warsaw to protect his people....

Frank Robbins
Frank Springer
George Roussos
Gil Kane (Cover Penciler)
Frank Giacoia (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)


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Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes

(James Barnes)
Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)
Human Torch
Human Torch

(Jim Hammond)

(Jacqueline Falsworth)

(Thomas Raymond)

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