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Invaders, The #24: Review

Jul 1977
John Compton, ?

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The Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner Fighting Side By Side!

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2.5 stars

Invaders, The #24 Review by (November 19, 2018)

Review:Suffering seafood!” That's not me, that's an actual quote from Subby in this story. Last time this comic was forced to use a Golden Age reprint they at least added a new framing device so that it sort of fit in the continuity. Here they don't bother, any context is up to us to imagine. Okay tale but, like most stories of the era seems a bit dumb today.

Comments: Abridged reprint from MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS #17 (March 1941); art is shared between the two characters' respective creators Carl Burgos and Bill Everett.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Invaders, The #24 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Namor the Sub-Mariner seeks out his frenemy the Human Torch so together they can battle an Axis scheme to invade America through a tunnel under the Bering Strait. Namor leads his small fleet of six aerial subs north where Namor's ship is captured by an enemy sub using magnets. Torch burns his way through the bulkhead and Namor follows and they fight the crew, crashing the ship into an underwater cliff. Reaching an island they defeat a torpedo boat and blow it up. Realizing they are in the Bering Strait they dive into an active volcano where they find metal pipes. They fight some enemy guards here and the pipe is damaged and seeps deadly gas; only Torch is unaffected so he carries Subby to the surface to recover and dives back into the volcano. Subby awakens and dispatches his fleet to Siberia to defeat the enemy forces then he enters the volcano. The two heroes cause utter mayhem against the baddies, finally melting the tunnel and escaping. An explosion propels the two up to the streets of a city safe and sound.

Gil Kane (Cover Penciler)
Frank Giacoia (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)


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Human Torch
Human Torch

(Jim Hammond)

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