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Invincible Iron Man #270: Review

Jul 1991
John Byrne, Paul Ryan

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The Price

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4 stars

Invincible Iron Man #270 Review by (April 3, 2018)
Comments: Issues #269-271 are a lead-in to “The Dragon Seed Saga.” in issues #272-275. First appearance of Su Yin. The Tiananmen Square protests were in April-June 1989.

Review: This issue is all set-up for the subsequent issues and actually does a good job of it. The most interesting bit is the political sparring between Tony/Rhodey and the various Red officials; unlike similar situations in the 1960s titles where the Commies were always portrayed as deluded buffoons, here the two are more evenly matched with the criticisms hitting home for Tony. Quite startling in its effects, especially the encounter with the shady American businessman for whom concern over human rights issues are a publicity stunt to be forgotten at the earliest opportunity.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Invincible Iron Man #270 Synopsis by T Vernon
In Red China, neurosurgeon Dr Su Yin receives her orders from the government: she is to examine and help American industrialist Anthony Stark....

Meanwhile, Tony is flying to China in his private jet, while James Rhodes (Rhodey) accompanies him as Iron Man. Arriving they are met by Li Wang, Tony's guide and interpreter. The American and the Chinese spar verbally over political matters, while the readers learn that the Chinese are hoping to use Iron Man against their greatest foe....

The Mandarin knows Iron Man and Tony Stark are in China, while Chen Hsu makes his usual cryptic comments about their “true concern”....

Tony arrives at his hotel where he meets an American businessman who assumes that, like other western industrialists, Tony withdrew from China as a phony show of protest over the Tiananmen Square incident, and is now quietly resuming commercial ties. Tony calls him a vulture and moves on. In their room, Tony and Rhodey summarize the plot thus far. At dinner, Tony is surprised to find that Dr Su Yin is a gorgeous woman; the head man at the table suggests that in exchange for having Su Yin examine Tony, he will grant them the services of Iron Man....

Back in their room, Tony realizes they can't back out and tells Rhodey he will don the armor to fulfill his part of the bargain. Rhodey, questioning Tony's fitness, knocks him out with gas and heads out to meet up with the officials. He is shocked when they tell him he is to face the Mandarin....

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Paul Ryan
Bob Wiacek
Paul Becton
Paul Ryan (Cover Penciler)
Bob Wiacek (Cover Inker)
Letterer: Michael Heisler.
Editor: Howard Mackie.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Plus: Chen Hsu, Iron Man (James Rhodes), Su Yin.

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