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Invincible Iron Man #10: Review

Sep 2006
Charles Knauf, Patrick Zircher

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Execute Program Part 4

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4 stars

Invincible Iron Man #10 Review by (March 7, 2012)
Comments: Cameos by the Avengers (Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Power Man, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Wolverine), the Fantastic Four, and She-Hulk.

Invincible Iron Man #10 Review by (June 18, 2014)
Stark explains his Project Argonaut here - a squad of Iron Man drones that Extremis will give him the capacity to operate. (He probably got the idea after directing a squad of armours against a Super-Adaptoid in New Avengers Annual #1.) He belatedly realises how cocksure he's become, as his fellow Avengers (and the Nick Fury LMD) have been telling him lately. That LMD makes 1 part of this issue ironic as the Defense Secretary threatens to sack him if he doesn't control the situation, obviously unaware that the real Fury was deposed from his SHIELD Directorship after Secret War. Najeeb is the 5th and last person SHIELD expects to be on the killer's list of those implicated in the death of Ho Yinsen during Iron Man's origin. They still don't know about the 1st person killed, who wasn't involved in that. Ms Marvel isn't actually an Avenger at this point, but she keeps getting involved. She won't actually rejoin until Iron Man reforms his half of the team as Mighty Avengers.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Invincible Iron Man #10 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
A distraught Tony Stark visits his old teacher Sal Kennedy at his Marin County home and explains to him the trouble about Iron Man going out of control without his knowledge. [Elsewhere, Nick Fury reports to the Secretary of Defense to tell him the Sentry has been deployed to capture Iron Man….] After shaving his mustache and bleaching his hair blond as a disguise, Tony and Sal head to the bioengineering lab where Sal runs body scans. He detects a foreign mass inside Tony’s brain. An expert is needed: Maya Hansen, the creator of the Extremis Virus. At that moment, Maya is in prison, being attacked by another inmate whose brother was killed by the villain empowered by the virus (issues #1-6). Iron Man arrives in time to save her and carry her off. The Global Peace Summit is scheduled to start at Wembly Stadium in six hours with security provided by the Avengers and the Fantastic Four to prevent Iron Man from killing the next person on the hit list, keynote speaker Karim Mahwash Najeeb, linked to the murder of Ho Yinsen. [Meanwhile the hooded killer arrives at the stadium….] Tony, Sal, and Maya study the device in Tony’s brain and conclude it is a bio-magnetic receiving unit, and it has been there a long time. When activated it takes control of Tony’s brain, operates the Iron Man armor, and leaves Tony unaware that anything has happened. And it is inoperable. Tony begins to think through how the device must be activated, and when it suddenly comes to him—the Sentry bursts into the room and seizes him. Tony calls his armor to him and tries to escape but the Sentry knocks him out of the sky. "Neutralized."

Patrick Zircher
Scott Hanna
Edgar Delgado
Adi Granov (Cover Penciler)
Adi Granov (Cover Inker)
Adi Granov (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Caramagna.


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Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

Plus: Maya Hansen, Sal Kennedy.

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