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Iron Man: Legacy #6: Review

Sep 2010
Fred Van Lente, Steve Kurth

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Man on the street

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4 stars

Iron Man: Legacy #6 Review by (May 31, 2016)
This is the 1st part of the Industrial Revolution arc which will take this series to its end in #11.

Dr Strange 1st tangled with Tiboro and his Screaming Idol in Strange Tales #129. In DS#178 he and Black Knight fought him. T and the SI turned up again in DS(1974)#35 and then again in #54. But that's still too early to be the conflict Strange returns from here.
Zhered-Na is a mystical character who lived in Atlantis before it sank, as 1st seen in Adventures Into Fear #15.
Hangman is a minor villain from Werewolf By Night and the original Spider-Woman series. He gets killed off in a story in Bizarre Adventures #31, so this appearance puts that off a bit.
The Pride are the supervillain parents of the original Runaways. The 6 couples each have different backgrounds. The Travellers mentioned here are Dale and Stacey Yorkes who are time travellers. The main guy this issue has been Geoffrey Wilder, and round the table we also see Leslie Dean, Victor Stein, Stacey Yorkes, Gene Hayes and Tina Minoru. More on these in later issue.

The Iron Man armour used here seems to be the 1st red&gold slimline version starting from Tales Of Suspense #48. In those days IM's advanced tech was 'transistorised magnets'. And he had jet-powered roller skates.
The chestplate of the old armour was also designed to keep his heart going, damaged by shrapnel in his origin. He was given an artificial heart in #19 of the 1st Iron Man series, but he tries to use the chestplate here to stimulate it back to life.

As with most continuity implant stories there's difficulty reconciling it with whenever it's supposed to take place. The Marvel Chronology Project discusses it here.
The initial problem seems to be that Tony Stark is shown here homeless in Los Angeles. But in the original storyline he's homeless in New York, and in California he's working with James Rhodes and the Erwin siblings to start their new company Circuits Maximus. On the other hand he's an alcoholic in NY and recovering in LA, and he *does* appear to be avoiding the booze here.
#9 will attempt to resolve that by saying that he's left his friends to prove that he can make it on his own. It pinpoints the position of this storyline as around IM#188 and the MCP place it immediately after that. More on that then.
We don't see anything about the golf bag with the old armour in it outside of this series. We can presume that after getting it from Stane Tony kept it in 1 of his NY apartments (he wasn't completely broke in those earlier stories). Then he brought it with him to LA. But quite why he took it with him when he left his friends is a bit of a mystery. More significantly, if he's got this armour (which he still has at the end of this arc), why does he use the even older bulky grey armour in IM#190-192?

The Illuminati are of course the group founded in their 1-shot by Iron Man after the Kree-Skrull War (Avengers #89-97). In #1 of their mini-series they went to the Skrull throneworld to tell them to leave Earth alone (but inadvertently caused the much later Secret Invasion). I believe this is their 1st documented meeting after that.
Does the position of this story fit well with the chronologies of the other Illuminati members?

Black Bolt's last prior app was Fantastic Four Annual #18. There he *is* king of the Inhumans in Attilan which was then on the Moon, which fits with statements here.
Namor is similarly king of Atlantis at this time. He was last seen in Alpha Flight #14-16 with his mate Marrina, and he will next be in the Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner mini-series trying to get Atlantis a place in the United Nations. The only minor problem is that he doesn't wear the costume shown here in apps around this time.
After the aforementioned Annual #18 this Mr Fantastic and Sue Richards were 1 of the versions of themselves that travelled through time to their own 40th Wedding Anniversary in the Special with that title. Then in FF#269-270 the FF faced Terminus.
After #65-66 of his 1974 series Dr Strange banished Hulk to the Crossroads dimension in Hulk #299-300 before this issue.

Prof X is a tougher problem. He is wearing the kind of uniform he wore while in the Shi'Ar Galaxy with Lilandra and claims to have been transported from her flagship, but he is walking with the clone body they gave him. However he only got that body in Uncanny X-Men #167 by which time Lilandra had lost her throne and was with the Starjammers on their spaceship, hardly a flagship. And after that Xavier returned to Earth and ditched the uniform. Moreover he couldn't walk with the new body until New Mutants #14 and UXM#180 just before Secret Wars I. And that happens at the end of IM#181 before Tony Stark sobers up and he and his friends decide to go to California - definitely before the IM#188 this story is supposed to be set near.

So the MCP locates this story after Secret Wars, and indeed after UXM#187-188 fighting Dire Wraiths. They can only assume the Starjammers came to the Solar System again recently, and Charles visited Lilandra on board wearing his Shi'Ar outfit. Maybe they came because they were worried after they saw then Technarchs Warlock and Magus heading this way in NM#19.
Someone does congratulate PX on walking. We don't see who because the speech bubble comes from off panel, but my guess would be Dr Strange who's only just come in. Anybody but Mr Fantastic who's already seen him walking in Secret Wars.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Iron Man: Legacy #6 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Dr Strange arrives home in his Sanctum Sanctorum via a mystic portal having just prevented Tiboro using the Screaming Idol from gaining access to this dimension. He brushes off the attentions of his manservant Wong and says he wants to be alone and undisturbed. He enters an inner room and we find out why - it's a meeting of the Illuminati.

The group keep their existence secret from even their closest family and associates. DrS's spell transported them directly to this chamber masked by the Ward of Zhered-Na. He brought Black Bolt from Attilan on the Moon, and Sub-Mariner from Atlantis beneath the ocean. And Prof X from the flagship of his lover the Shi'Ar Empress Lilandra. (They congratulate him on being able to walk.)

Mr Fantastic called this meeting to discuss the missing member Iron Man. Tony Stark has lost his company to Obadiah Stane and is now broke. He's a drunk living on the street in Los Angeles. Charles Xavier thinks telepathic probing might help him uncover the root of his problem and overcome it. Stephen Strange could use spells to uncover any illegality in Stane's takeover. Reed Richards could hire Tony to look after his patents. But Blackagar Boltagon silently objects. And Namor, as a fellow ruler, thinks he understands and agrees.

He believes Stark wouldn't want help. If he can't beat this himself then he would be no use against the threats that this team was created to face.

We turn to homeless Tony Stark on a bench in LA with only a golf bag and clubs to keep him company. There's no other pedestrian on the street except a fellow bum who rants about supervillains(?) from the future who are meddling with his mind to stop him inventing things to defeat them. He sees Tony as a fellow intelligent designer.

Stark remembers a final meeting with Stane where he was thrown out of his own office. Obadiah 'graciously' allowed Tony to take the golf set that he said belonged to his father.

Now we see him look in a liquor store window. But pass on.

Then he sees the bum down a side alley being hung from a fire escape by a costumed guy with a scythe. He decides to intervene and pushes a button on the 'golf bag'. Which opens up to reveal the components of a really old suit of Iron Man armour.

A quick repulsor blast severs the rope that is hanging his 'friend'. Then Iron Man confronts the villain, who calls himself The Hangman and says it's his holy mission to clean up the city. An electromagnet disarms the foe of his scythe. But then Tony's jet boots run out of fuel and he lands in a dumpster. Hangman moves in for the kill, but an iron fist knocks him out.

Shellhead offers to take the victim to hospital but he doesn't want that. He just asks for someone name Tamara. Stark checks his pockets and finds a wallet with a driver license in the name Tyree Robinson, and a home address in the Imperio suburb. With no working boot jets he resorts to his built-in roller skates to take them there. And surveillance cameras clock his movements.

Tamara is home, and she turns out to be Tyree's sister. Tony (without the armour) explains what happened, and Tyree heads for his room. Tamara explains that he was doing excellently in a college course in Engineering, but then he was diagnosed with an (unspecified) mental illness. He keeps going off his meds. Tamara is worn down.

Tony leaves, and Tamara warns him that Imperio isn't a good place to be at night. He finds 2 guys examining the golf bag where he stashed it. They refuse to give it to him because they don't believe it's his. They also don't believe it when he fights back - doesn't he know who they work for? And a futuristic gun is a convincer when it zaps him in the chest.

They run off but leave the bag, not realising that they've stopped Stark's artificial heart. He gets the chestplate out of the golf bag and puts it on. But he needs a power source. He inches towards some wires hanging free from the base of a streetlight. But collapses before he can make it.

The 2 crooks report to their boss. They say they tracked Iron Man to Imperio, which is part of the boss's turf. But all they found was Tony Stark's golf bag. And a wino who they killed with the 'kinetic drainer' that The Travellers gave them. The boss confirms that they've told no-one else that Stark and Iron Man are in Los Angeles. And then he burns them up with a blast from his palm.

The boss takes the surveillance evidence to a costumed group he belongs to that he calls The Pride. He figures Stark is trying to infiltrate their city without them noticing. But now that they have noticed they'll have to slap him down.

Steve Kurth
Allen Martinez
John Rauch
Juan Doe (Cover Penciler)
Juan Doe (Cover Inker)
Juan Doe (Cover Colorist)


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