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Marvel Fanfare #17: Review

Nov 1984
David Kraft, Tony Salmons

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A Day in the Life…

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4 stars

Marvel Fanfare #17 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Second of two stories in this issue, Hulk does not appear in the first, which features WWII hero Sky-Wolf.


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Marvel Fanfare #17 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Bounding through a wilderness area, a thirsty Hulk stops to drink from a pond; he soon becomes ill, only then seeing the sign warning of contamination. The Hulk passes out, complaining about how humans ruin everything. When he awakes he finds a baby deer caught in a trap; as he tries to release it, he is accidentally shot by hunters aiming at the doe. Enraged at the human race’s penchant for destruction, he hurls a rock after the fleeing hunters. The Hulk then tries to stop two rams from fighting but is not able to prevent the death of one. He then notices how animals live, like humans, preying on the other species for food.

A forest fire has broken out as the result of a cigarette dropped by a panicked hunter, and the Hulk tries to rescue a bear from the blaze. The bear interprets the Hulk’s actions as an attack and turns on him, forcing the Hulk to kill it. Trying to leave the area, the Hulk falls into a tar pit and sinks. Two loggers, seeing the Hulk in trouble, surprise Jade Jaws by toppling a tree so he can pull himself out. Musing on the experience, the Hulk realizes all beings do good things and bad things, misunderstanding one another, even the Hulk. Too much thinking tires the Hulk out, though, and he goes to sleep.

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Tony Salmons
Tony Salmons


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