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Marvel Fanfare #17: Review

Nov 1984
Marv Wolfman, Dave Cockrum

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3 stars

Marvel Fanfare #17 Review by (November 14, 2023)

Review: The Sky-Wolf tale is an enjoyable WW2 romp, an over-the-top comedic variation on BLACKHAWK but the fan reaction was decidedly negative, largely finding it too silly to have a place in a book that claimed such a grand mission as Al Milgrom outlined in issue #1.  

Hulk’s story is a bit more incisive as Hulk learns empathy in a very crowded day. The art is initially startling, especially the odd shape to Hulk’s head but it gets better.

Comments: Sky-Wolf: Part two of two. MARVEL FANFARE #16-17 mark the only appearances of the Sky-Wolves; Sidney “the Gaff” Levine is the exception: he was introduced as a SHIELD scientist in STRANGE TALES #159 then had a recurring role in Nick Fury titles and several Hulk issues. Issue features a Hulk portrait by Tony Salmons on back page. 


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Marvel Fanfare #17 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Sky-Wolf and Sidney “Gaff” Levine have made it into the Nazis’ Murder Mountain to rescue Matt Slade III but he doesn’t believe they are allies but some sort of enemy trick When they have convinced him by describing his father, Slade insists on taking Gretchen Skul, the Nazi commander’s daughter who has joined his side. Seeing their Flapjack planes in enemy hands, the guys fight their way through, being rescued by their partner Jesse “Little John” Johns whom they thought dead. The heroes make it safely away but General Skul gives orders to let them go as he knows a secret….

The Sky-Wolves reach Lobo One and land aboard the ship; Matt is welcomed home by his father. Late that night, Sky-Wolf catches Gretchen in the act of photographing the plans for the Flapjacks. At this time, Murder Mountain, revealed to be a large construct on tank treads, starts its deadly journey across the European continent. The Sky-Wolves are dispatched to destroy it, four craft with Matt III joining the team. The mountain contains anti-aircraft ordnance leading to a battle. Back at the ship, Gretchen escapes custody and seizes a fifth Flapjack to return to the mainland. At the battle, Gaff triggers a device which projects the images of hundreds of Flapjack planes in the sky. In the confusion, General Skul gives orders to shoot down the only plane that is easy to detect, unaware his daughter is the pilot. The Sky-Wolves fly into the hollow mountain, causing destruction and Matt Slade guns down Skul before they blow up the mountain....

The Sky-Wolves return to the Lobo where Matt Slade Jr. suggests they stay together as a team, ready to fight for democracy when the USA formally enters the war….

“A Day in the Life…” 4/5
Writer: David Anthony Kraft. Art: Tony Salmons. Colors: Christie Scheele. Letters: Rick Parker.
Synopsis: Bounding through a wilderness area, a thirsty Hulk stops to drink from a pond; he soon becomes ill, only then seeing the sign warning of contamination. The Hulk passes out, complaining about how humans ruin everything. When he awakes he finds a baby deer caught in a trap; as he tries to release it, he is accidentally shot by hunters aiming at the doe. Enraged at the human race’s penchant for destruction, he hurls a rock after the fleeing hunters. The Hulk then tries to stop two rams from fighting but is not able to prevent the death of one. He then notices how animals live, like humans, preying on the other species for food.

A forest fire has broken out as the result of a cigarette dropped by a panicked hunter, and the Hulk tries to rescue a bear from the blaze. The bear interprets the Hulk’s actions as an attack and turns on him, forcing the Hulk to kill it. Trying to leave the area, the Hulk falls into a tar pit and sinks. Two loggers, seeing the Hulk in trouble, surprise Jade Jaws by toppling a tree so he can pull himself out. Musing on the experience, the Hulk realizes all beings do good things and bad things, misunderstanding one another, even the Hulk. Too much thinking tires the Hulk out, though, and he goes to sleep.

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Dave Cockrum
Dave Cockrum
Andy Yanchus
Dave Cockrum (Cover Penciler)
Dave Cockrum (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Rick Parker.


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Plus: Sky-Wolf (Skyler Wolf).

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