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Marvel Fanfare #21: Review

Jul 1985
Jim Starlin, Jim Starlin

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The Clash – Part Two

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4 stars

Marvel Fanfare #21 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Another terrific book-long battle between the Hulk and the Thing is the highlight of this issue.


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Marvel Fanfare #21 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
As Doctor Strange confronts Xandu, the Thing and the Hulk duke it out, with the battle spilling into the street. Xandu’s mind-spell slows the Hulk’s reactions, though, allowing the Thing to hold his own against Jade Jaws, and to hope for a possible victory. Realizing this, Xandu removes his spell from the Hulk and transfers it to Strange’s servant Wong, who overpowers his master. The Hulk/Thing battle proceeds under its own momentum, through the streets, sewers, and to the waterfront. An imprisoned Strange contacts the Thing to warn him that Xandu is trying to merge with the Ruby, which will enable him to control the universe. The Thing hurries back to Strange’s mansion with the Hulk in pursuit. On a rooftop, the Thing goads the Hulk into attacking him, and the force carries them through the mansion window. Taking Xandu by surprise, the Thing smashes the Ruby. Freed, Strange captures Xandu and places the Hulk under a sleep spell. The villain is exiled to a nether dimension and Strange arranges to transport the Hulk to the desert and the Thing back to a hot bath in the Baxter Building. Unfortunately, the exhausted Strange gets this last part exactly backwards…

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Jim Starlin
Al Milgrom


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Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

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