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Marvel Fanfare #22: Review

Sep 1985
Roger McKenzie, Ken Steacy

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Night of the Octopus

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3.5 stars

Marvel Fanfare #22 Review by (October 17, 2020)
Comments: Issue features a wraparound cover. Part one of two parts. According to the Marvel Chronology Project, this two-part story falls between IRON MAN #129 and 130. Doc Ock was locked up after his battle with Daredevil in DAREDEVIL #165.

Review: Okay story, mostly action sequences with little depth, by Roger Mackenzie. It is offset by Ken Steacy’s painted art which comes off as a little too dark and unrealistic for Iron Man who I always picture as bright and shining. Maybe that’s just me but I rated it as okay but not that great. And Cherry Wood? Really?


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Marvel Fanfare #22 Synopsis by T Vernon
After a series of escapes, consumer activist Joe Barger is making a fact-finding tour of Ryker’s Island prison, accompanied by Tony Stark whose company created the high-tech security system at the prison. Inside, they see various villains—Sandman, Electro, Gray Gargoyle, and Doctor Octopus—in special cages tailored to overcome their individual powers, with the latter’s tentacles held in stasis. But Doc Ock has a surprise: his more powerful adamantium arms are being studied at Stark International. He exerts his mental powers and calls to them—and at Stark, they respond and come to him, fighting their way through the scientists, then the security guards. Tony gets word, dashes off and dons his armor and Iron Man arrives at the site to battle the tentacles. They fight to a standstill but Shellhead is alerted to a staffer, Cherry Wood, trapped in the rubble and he reluctantly lets the tentacles go free to rescue the injured woman. The tentacles arrive at the prison and break Doc Ock out of his cell; the other three baddies appeal to Ock to release them too and he does. So, when Iron Man arrives at the prison, he has four bad guys to contend with. He blasts Sandman with his repulsor rays and the flying sand blinds Electro, who accidentally shocks the Gray Gargoyle, allowing Iron Man to break the villain’s wrists and slam him to the ground. The hero then lures Sandman into the showers and soaks him into a muddy mess. Going after Ock, Shellhead finds him easily—and the adamantium tentacles just as easily rip his chest plate off and he escapes. Later, as the news media reports on Iron Man’s embarrassing defeat, Tony Stark takes a drink….

There are also some pin-ups by Steacy:-

Full-page portraits of Conan, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, Nick Fury, and a group with Thing and Franklin Richards, with Reed and Sue in the background.

Ken Steacy
Ken Steacy
Ken Steacy
Ken Steacy (Cover Penciler)
Ken Steacy (Cover Inker)
Ken Steacy (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Ken Steacy.
Editor: Al Milgrom. Editor-in-chief: Jim Shooter.


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Doctor Octopus
Doctor Octopus

(Otto Octavius)

(Max Dillon)
Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

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