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Marvel Fanfare #26: Review

May 1986
Doug Moench, Pat Broderick

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The Goblin Spree

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3 stars

Marvel Fanfare #26 Review by (October 11, 2010)
Comments: Weirdworld was an occasional fantasy series created by Doug Moench and Mike Ploog that debuted in Marvel Super Action #1 (1976). This story is third of three parts. After a long hiatus, the series was revived in 2015, without the involvement of either Ploog or Moench. 
Captain America: Writer-artist Will Jungkuntz died of a heart virus shortly after completing his work for this issue. He was 30 years old. He is remembered by Al Milgrom in his opening editorial.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Marvel Fanfare #26 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
After escaping from the Sea of Nothing, John Tyndall, Velanna, and Mud-Butt find themselves back in Lord Raven’s castle, learning the tale of the Glorywand, the most powerful magic device in Weirdworld. The Glorywand has been split into two pieces and Raven has one. Meanwhile, an army of human barbarians with a goblin guide are on their way to the castle to seize the artifact for their own ends. An irritated Raven, learning that the trio has escaped from the Sea, begins searching for them so he can recover the half wand in their unwitting possession. Velanna’s mystic vision leads them to a door in the floor but when it is opened the Brides of Lord Raven emerge, three kidnapped dwarf women held in trances and endowed with magic powers. The trio hurls their magic-bolts at our heroes…and it goes over their heads to destroy the goblins sneaking up on them. Taking the Brides with them, Tyndall and company continue to search the castle for a way out. The vengeful Lord Raven steps out of a mirror before them, as the rampaging goblins arrive behind them. A furious battle breaks out but the heroes manage to stay out of the way as the goblins swarm over the evil wizard. Escaping upstairs to where they can climb over the outer ledge to safety, they are confronted by Raven who overcame his horde of foes. Mud-Butt makes to give back the item he stole earlier and it turns out to be half of the Glorywand. Velanna uses it to blast Raven through the wall to his apparent death. The party makes their way out over the ledge, while Tyndall and Velanna make plans to search for the other half of the wand and use it to end all evil in Weirdworld. Final revelation: Raven survived his fall by transforming into the flying namesake.

Story #2

Death and the Queen

Writer: Will Jungkuntz. Penciler: Will Jungkuntz. Inker: Bob Wiacek. Colorist: Bob Sharen. Editor: Al Milgrom.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America is at the Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn for the West Indies Parade. Photographer Noel Orff spots Cap framed by the famous Arch and snaps his picture. Noel tells Cap his girlfriend Eurydice is the Queen of the Parade and fills Cap in on the history of his home, St. Cyril in the Caribbean. The island was ruled by a dictator who kept power though his death squads; they were accompanied by a man wearing the mask of Death. Soon the people revolted and overthrew the dictator and Death disappeared. Noel began dating the daughter of the new Governor-General but Death reappeared to stalk her, promising to make her his queen. Death was committed to an asylum where the sight of the face beneath the mask killed a doctor through sheer fright. Noel took Eurydice to New York last month just before a coup killed her father and installed another murderous dictatorship. American troops liberated the island and Death was believed dead….

But Death is very much alive, in New York, and still has designs on Eurydice as his queen. His henchmen Marcus, Cliff, and Cecil are heavily armed and are plotting to assassinate Captain America, destroy the Arch, and kidnap the Queen of the Parade….

The elaborate parade is well attended, and Eurydice, dressed as the Statue of Liberty, rides atop the St. Cyril float. Death kills the float driver and turns the wheel over to Marcus, while Cliff, costumed as Uncle Sam on stilts, snatches the hapless Queen away. Death aims a rocket launcher at the reviewing stand where Cap sits but the cheap weapon fails to fire; he orders Marcus to ram the stand at full speed. Cap gets everyone to safety before the vehicle crashes into the structure; Marcus is killed on impact but Death escapes. Cap hurls his shield, cutting Uncle Sam down to size but Death seizes Eurydice and hurries into the Arch. Cliff hurls a grenade at Cap but the hero throws himself on top of the villain; Cliff is killed and Cap knocked unconscious. A worried Noel heads into the building to rescue his beloved himself but is stopped by a grenade. Death threatens to blow up the monument unless she proclaims her love for Death from the top of the Arch. When they open the door to the roof, Cap is standing there waiting for them. Cap makes the choice of hurling his shield at Cecil because he is carrying the explosives, leaving himself wide open to an attack for the grim villain. As Death tries to decapitate the hero with his own shield, Noel makes it to the roof and rescues Eurydice. This distracts the villain long enough for Cap to gain the upper hand. Cecil throws a grenade and Cap bats it back at the baddies; it explodes in their faces but when the dust clears, only Cecil lies dead at their feet. As the parade resumes, the Queen thanks Cap with a kiss on the cheek…but Death watches from hiding….

Pat Broderick
Brian Garvey
Petra Scotese
Pat Broderick (Cover Penciler)
Pat Broderick (Cover Inker)
Petra Scotese (Cover Colorist)

Editor: Al Milgrom.


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

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