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Marvel Team-Up #126: Review

Feb 1983
J. M. DeMatteis, Bob Hall

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A Firm Offer!

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4 stars

Marvel Team-Up #126 Review by (February 28, 2023)

Review: The first story is decent though unremarkable, with two heroes meeting, fighting (this stage is shorter than most), then teaming up to fight the real bad guy. The second tale, while full of Hulk mayhem, features a pay it forward moral which makes a nice addendum to such a violent story.

Comments: First story: Takes place after DEFENDERS #116. Luke Cage and Daimon Hellstrom first met in DEFENDERS #24. The Sons of Satannish previously appeared in DOCTOR STRANGE #175-178. Satannish himself was introduced in DOCTOR STRANGE #174-175 and later appeared in DEFENDERS #99-100, 105, and 111. Second story: Adaptation of a story originally printed as a newspaper Sunday supplement. The story states that it takes place long before INCREDIBLE HULK #272 when Bruce Banner gained the ability to control his transformations into Hulk; the Marvel Database places this story around the time of INCREDIBLE HULK #253. When Bruce is surprised that Peter recognizes him, Peter suggests he do an American Express commercial; at this time American Express advertised its credit card as the perfect identification, using as their spokespersons celebrities who were famous names but not well-known faces, including Muppet creator Jim Henson and spy novelist Robert Ludlum.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Marvel Team-Up #126 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Late at night in Times Square, Daimon Hellstrom, Son of Satan, is walking the streets, brooding over some personal problems when he senses evil. He sees a man standing over a fallen victim and attacks him, assuming he is the killer; the other guy, Luke Cage, assumes Son of Satan is the villain. They recognize each other and cease fire. Cage explains that the old man was a former teacher of his, Tyrone D. Gus, who had called him for help. Hellstrom casts a spell over him to keep him alive until they can get him to a hospital but the man bursts into flames and burns to ash in seconds. Cage explains that Tyrone was the one teacher who saw the good in Cage as a kid but had fallen on hard times and as such, he vows to hunt down the old man’s killers. Asking around they learn that Tyrone had become interested in the occult so Hellstrom uses his powers to pick up the mystic trail which leads to a warehouse. They find the Sons of Satannish inside, working an arcane ritual. The leader unleashes the Wreaths of Ravenna on them and they are overpowered….

The heroes awaken and the leader unmasks to reveal he is Tyrone Gus, who explains that Evil made him a firm offer to bring him out of his misery and so he has gathered other poor and downtrodden men for the Sons. The demon Satannish appears and announces that the time of alignment has come and he will cross over to their realm by possessing Luke’s body. The two heroes pool their talents to escape from their bonds and fight the cultists. Tyrone calls on Satannish who punishes him for his failure by crushing him in a giant hand. He dies holding Luke’s hand, repenting of his deal with evil.

“The Obligation”
Writer: Jim Shooter. Art: Tomoyuki Takenaka. Colors: Bob Sharen. Letters: Jim Novak.
Synopsis: Hulk is on a rampage in Manhattan and the Police Swat Team is there to stop him. In a crowd of bystanders is Peter Parker, who changes into his Spider-Man costume, hoping to stop the destruction and also snap a few pictures for the Daily Bugle. Spidey engages Hulk in battle and lures him away to a deserted warehouse district. Spidey then hides until Hulk calms down and changes back to Bruce Banner. Spidey takes the opportunity to don his civvies and, as Peter Parker, offers to help Bruce escape from the police. Peter gives Bruce his last five dollars, explaining that a total stranger gave him the money when he was in need, obligating him to use that money to help out another in need. As Bruce heads out of town, he encounters an old man who was the victim of muggers; calling for help he runs into the muggers who start to beat him up. Turning into the Hulk he scares off the punks then turns to the old man. The old man’s despair strikes a chord of compassion deep within the Hulk, so the Green Giant hands the old man Peter’s five dollars and walks off, having further paid off the obligation..

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Bob Hall
Bob Hall
Bob Sharen
John Romita Jr. (Cover Penciler)
Dan Green (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Diana Albers.


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Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

(Robert Bruce Banner)

(Bruce Banner)
Luke Cage
Luke Cage

(Power Man)
Son of Satan
Son of Satan

(Daimon Hellstrom)

(Peter Parker)

Plus: Satannish.

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