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Quasar #59: Review

Jun 1994
Ron Marz, Andy Smith

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Brothers in arms

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4 stars

Quasar #59 Review by (July 29, 2023)
Ron Marz continues to regularly use Jim Starlin's Thanos while Starlin himself concentrates on Adam Warlock in Warlock & Infinity Watch until he quits Marvel again. Here he does a fill-in issue before Mark Gruenwald ends his pet series with the next issue.

We've never seen the Destiny Crystal or the Kharta'eens again.

The Marvel Chronology Project puts this fill-in issue immediately *after* #60, and Quasar then disappears until Silver Surfer #111 leading into the Starmasters mini-series.

Marz just had Thanos in Secret Defenders #12-13, and Starfox in #14. He'll take Thanos from here to Cosmic Powers #1, and bring Starfox to join him in #4.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Quasar #59 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Starfox has invited fellow Avenger Quasar to visit the city of Titan inside the moon of the same name. 'Fox greets him with 2 pretty women on his arms and says he goes by his real name Eros on Titan (Starfox is a name the Avengers gave him by Wasp (or rather by scripter Roger Stern) when he joined them in their #232). The Titanian dismisses his companions over Wendell Vaughn's protestation that he doesn't want to interrupt anything. Eros says they'll keep till later and shows the Earthman his home, filled with beautiful art from all over the galaxy. Wendell admires 1 female statuette which gives him a shock when he touches it. Eros says it's a 'gift' from an ex-lover, and *she* had a sting too. But his host picks up a holdall and says he has an errand to run if Quasar would care to join him.

They fly through space to a desolate asteroid. Eros explains it is a tradition for him to come here this day every year. And a voice says he's not alone. Behind them is his brother Thanos on his teleporting chair/throne. Quasar expects the villain to attack them but Eros says they have a truce on this day. They used to squabble as youngsters so their father Mentor made them have this 1 day to honour their brotherhood. Thanos corroborates the story and further says that he includes Quasar in the spirit of amity today because he is here with Eros. Q still doesn't trust him because they have been bitter foes in the past (eg in the Infinity Gauntlet event). And he expects T to covet the power of his Quantum Bands. Thanos says he has no wish to become Protector Of The Universe, but also he no longer seeks power to conquer the universe as he did then (and we have seen him reluctantly aid the good guys in Infinity War and Infinity Crusade). And Eros adds that whatever his evil deeds Thanos has usually been a man of his word.

Now the brothers exchange gifts. Eros brought his in the holdall. It is a box containing pictures of Thanos as a child. Thanos in return gives him a heart-shaped jewel which he says is called the Destiny Crystal. Legend has it that you can see your future in it's depths, and anyway he knows his brother likes pretty things.

But then a troop of aliens who are the Royal Guard of the Kharta'een Empire turn up and accuse Thanos of stealing the crystal from the royal treasurehouse, and they want it back. Eros immediately offers it to them but the Guardsmen still demand their deaths and fire at them. All 3 are struck down and the leader pockets the gem, saying he thought Thanos would be harder to beat. Then Thanos rises up and grabs him by the throat. Quasar helps Eros up and tells Thanos not to kill the alien. But T brutally beats his foe. E sends Q to stop his brother while he takes care of the troopers.

Flying Quasar pushes Thanos away from his victim. T warns Q not to interfere in his righteous vengeance. Q says he'll have to go through him. Thanos prepares to strike a mighty blow but Wendell stands his ground. And the Titan lowers his hand. Q has successfully called his bluff because he will honour his earlier pledge of peace. Then Eros and the aliens join them as best of friends. Eros has used his psionic feel good power to make them willing to leave now that they have the crystal back.

After they've gone the brothers decide to end their annual reunion now, and Thanos advises Eros to come alone next time. As E and Q fly away we see that T actually still has the jewel.

Andy Smith
Ralph Cabrera
Paul Becton
Andy Smith (Cover Penciler)
Andy Smith (Cover Inker)
Paul Becton (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Diana Albers.
Editor: Mike Rockwitz. Editor-in-chief: Tom DeFalco.


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