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Quasar #32: Review

Mar 1992
Mark Gruenwald, Greg Capullo

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The Tomb of Mar-Vell

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5 stars

Quasar #32 Review by (January 30, 2014)
Review: And now the plot becomes cosmic, as Quasar enters the field. This is the first part to give us a taste of the galaxy-spanning mind-boggling sci-fi that would mark this tale—and the biggest of these show up in Quasar’s issues. I’m a sucker for epic larger-than-Earth science fiction and this one delivers. The epic as a whole? One of the best multi-comic crossovers, marked by a complex story, tight plotting, strong characterization, and consistent quality. And it actually tries to mean something in the end!

Comments: Part 3 of Operation Galactic Storm.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Quasar #32 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro


Quasar stops by the STARCORE solar observatory in orbit around the sun and learns that the stargate has been disrupting the sun’s usual activity. Quasar is then summoned to check out an alarm at the tomb of Captain Mar-Vell on a remote asteroid. He arrives there in minutes and meets Starfox who is also responding to the signal. Together they capture the tomb-robbers, Kree villains Captain Atlas and Dr. Minerva. Suddenly they are attacked by the entire Shi’ar Imperial Guard….

Subplots: the Avengers assign Wonder Man to be Rick Jones’ bodyguard; Rick isn’t thrilled. Exiled Kree scientist Korath-Thak dons high-tech armor to become Korath the Pursuer to join the Starforce.

Quasar and Starfox have a hard time against the alien superheroes until they discover that most of them are merely an illusion created by Magique; she is defeated along with fellow Imperial Guardians Scintilla and Manta. In the confusion Captain Atlas managed to enter the tomb and take the Nega-Bands from Mar-Vell’s body. Confronted by Quasar, he strikes the bands together and exchanges places with Rick Jones—who can’t breathe….

Continued in WONDER MAN #7

Greg Capullo
Harry Candelario
Joe Rosas
Greg Capullo (Cover Penciler)
Harry Candelario (Cover Inker)


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Clint Barton)
Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

(Wendell Vaughn)


Plus: Captain Atlas, Doctor Minerva, Korath the Pursuer, Kree, Magique, Manta, Peggy Carter, Scintilla, Shi’ar, Talia Kruma.

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