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Savage Avengers #20: Review

Apr 2021
Gerry Duggan, Patrick Zircher

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Chapter 20: The clothes do not maketh the Spider-Man

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4 stars

Savage Avengers #20 Review by (April 30, 2021)
This series is marking time before getting back to Kulan Gath. And I'm not sure that the next 2 issues guest-starring the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider will be any different.

As well as Rhino and Tatterdemalion, the other villains we see in the Bar With No Name are Skullbuster (of the Reavers), Red Ghost & his Super-Apes, Toad, Orb, Angar The Screamer and Vermin.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Savage Avengers #20 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
The King In Black event is over and Conan has gained possession of the abandoned Hellfire Club. But he and his Klyntar symbiote black sword have no idea how to pursue their revenge against Kulan Gath so he's spending his time drinking in the Bar With No Name.

He complains to the barmaid Alisha about the pumpkin beer she's serving. She says the villains' hangout is having money troubles so they have to put up with what they can get. And they have to keep changing premises to keep ahead of the cops but she can't afford to move. But she's heard of a big score that could keep the cops paid off and the rent paid for a while. Rhino says he's in. Alisha says they'll need 4 others. Tatterdemalion offers his services but they ignore him. Conan says he's worth 10 men. Alisha suggests they split the dough 3 ways, and Conan and Rhino get their bar tabs written off.

The target is a bank. Rhino provides a distraction by busting in demanding cash while Conan enters unobtrusively. (Conan's idea of unobtrusive is to wear a black suit from the Club's wardrobe, but his bare chest still draws attention.) While Rhino escapes with some bags of money Conan descends to the vault (which for some reason is wide open) and carries out 2 cases full of gold coins and bars.

But then a cop car slams into Rhino, and Spider-Man shows up to web him up. However his Spider-Sense alerts him to Conan casually walking away. The Cimmerian easily defeats Spidey but assumes that it is his costume which enables him to stick to walls. Thinking this would be a useful item he offers to pay the hero for it. Peter Parker refuses to strip off.

There's a little interruption where Rhino butts in demanding to know how Spidey always finds him. The hero claims to have attached a tracker to his hide years ago. Rhino stops astonished and SM slams his ears, adding that maybe he was lying.

Then it's Conan's turn to attack, trying to rip Peter's costume off. He winds up mainly exposing Spidey's butt, which he quickly covers with webbing. Spider-Man assures the Barbarian that his Spidey-powers are in him, not the suit. Conan can't understand why someone with that power would work for the corrupt controllers of the city. (Given that Kingpin is the current Mayor he may have a point.) Parker gives him his "with great power comes great responsibility" speech but Conan replies that with great power comes great rewards, the strong take from the weak.

Spidey webs up Conan's 2 cases. Conan responds by activating his symbiote sword, which of course Peter recognises as a Venom-like Klyntar. Rhino's back again and punches SM down through the street into the subway. Rhino exits with the cases while Conan deals with the cop from crashed police car. His symbiote sends out a tendril which drops the cop down the hole. Spidey catches him  and holds them both up against the roof as a train passes below. By the time he gets back to the surface the robbers have gone.

For the final part of the issue we return to the Kulan Gath plot, starting with a flashback to #2 where German WWII fighter pilot Johan Richter flies through a spacetime warp to the Savage Land in the recent past and becomes Gath's Priest Of Sickles. Now in Mexico Gath finds the remains of Richter where Wolverine fed him through a wood chipper (#15). The Hyborian wizard resurrects him because he still has work for him to do.

Patrick Zircher
Patrick Zircher
Java Tartaglia
Valerio Giangiordano (Cover Penciler)
Valerio Giangiordano (Cover Inker)
Frank D'Armata (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Travis Lanham.
Editor: Tom Brevoort. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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(Peter Parker)

Plus: Kulan Gath, Sickle Priest, Tatterdemalion.

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