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Secret Avengers #19: Review

Nov 2011
Warren Ellis, Michael Lark

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4.5 stars

Secret Avengers #19 Review by (April 25, 2015)
Comments: Symkaria, first mentioned in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #265, is best known as the homeland of Silver Sable.


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Secret Avengers #19 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

In Aniana, the capital city of the Eastern European nation of Symkaria, a disguised Black Widow and Sharon Carter arrive at a luxury hotel to see Voydanoi but they are turned away by a bodyguard as an American named Grant is taken upstairs. A disguised Steve Rogers walks through the snowy street and another guard warns him away from the secret entrance to Voydanoi’s hotel. Steve attacks the man but finds him oddly immune to karate. A brutal fight ensues with Steve eventually victorious and the vanquished thug exhales a brightly colored mist when unconscious. Steve contacts Sharon and Natasha inside to tell them that the drug Voydanoi is planning the sell to the Shadow Council is a super-soldier drug….

Mr. Grant is sent to a room with a prostitute named Agneyta; in the room, Grant jams the buildings comm system, gives the woman money to leave this life behind, and dons his Moon Knight costume….


Steve, Natasha, Sharon, and Moon Knight make their way separately to the penthouse, fighting guards along the way. Knight recognizes that the super-soldier abilities come not from a drug but spirit possession, and poisoning the host drives the spirit out. The agents arrive at the penthouse where they are greeted by Voydanoi. He tells them that he discovered the bones of the Elder Gods in a grave in Transia; smoking the crushed bones releases the spirits into a human who becomes insanely powerful. And now Voydanoi has smoked enough to make him beyond super-human. Working as a team, the Secret Avengers set him afire and Moon Knight kicks him out of the window to a gruesome death far below.

Michael Lark
Stefano Gaudiano
Jose Villarrubia
John Cassaday (Cover Penciler)
John Cassaday (Cover Inker)
Paul Mounts (Cover Colorist)


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