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Secret Empire #9: Review

Aug 2017
Nick Spencer, Leinil Francis Yu

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4.5 stars

Secret Empire #9 Review by (August 26, 2017)
Characters: Captain America (Sam Wilson), Hawkeye, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers, Spectrum, Luke Cage, Dr Strange, Ms Marvel (Kamila Khan), Thor (Jane Foster), Winter Soldier, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Thing. Champions: Wasp (N. Pym), Spider-Man (M. Morales), IronHeart, Falcon (J. Torres), Viv Vision, Hulk (Amadeus Co). Plus, Black Panther, Sharon Carter, Emma Frost, Magneto, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. Villains: Captain America (Steve Rogers), Hydra, Arnim Zola, Baron Zemo, Dr Faustus, Odinson, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Taskmaster, Black Ant. As usual there are so many characters involved that the list above is limited to those who have speaking roles or some outstanding actions.

Comments: Joe Bennett also contributed to the pencils, Leinel Francis Yu and Joe Pimentel to the inks, and Dono Sanchez-Almara to the colors, with Rod Reis doing the art for the “other Steve Rogers” segments. Issue includes a tribute to the late Joan Lee, wife of Stan.

Review: A spectacular action-filled issue also hints at how it will all turn out. And no, I'm not talking about the implication that the other Steve Rogers is the real one, shunted off into limbo when Kobik changed his timeline. No, I mean the verbal exchange between Sam Cap and Carol Cap where they realize that they are having fun which they have not had in a long time: is this a promise that with Marvel Legacy things will be fun and entertaining again, rather than grim doings and endless events making continuity impenetrable? I sure hope so.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Secret Empire #9 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

The other Steve Rogers has met Kobik in the woods; she is sorry for how she has made things go wrong. She takes Steve to the ruins of Pleasant Hill and tells him to “remember”....

As the heroes led by Captain America (Sam Wilson) and villains battle in the streets of Washington D.C. for the fate of the nation:

Supreme Hydra Steve Rogers and his lifelong friend Baron Zemo are reunited at the White House as Zemo has brought the captive Black Panther, who promises retribution. A delegation from New Tian led by Emma Frost arrives and Rogers demands that the mutants surrender; instead, Emma calls in Magneto to destroy the Empire's warships and a melee breaks out. Arnim Zola rushes Rogers away to show him something they have discovered that could make the fragmented Cosmic Cube work....

At the battle, Thor Odinson's eyes are opened and he slams his war axe to the ground shouting “No more!” Hearing this, Taskmaster and Black Ant decide to switch sides. They free the captive Champions asking them to remember to tell the Avengers—and then they are netted by young Spider-Man....

Viv Vision comes upon her father the Vision and drains the virus that makes him bad. Dr Strange confronts the possessed Scarlet Witch and summons Thor from her captivity and she strikes Wanda down. Immediately Thor changes back to the dying Jane Foster and Strange has Sam Cap fly her to the site of Mjolnir as he performs an exorcism on the Scarlet Witch....

On the way to the Hydra dungeons, Zemo and Black Panther are intercepted by the Winter Soldier who joins T'Challa in overcoming the Nazi villain allowing the Panther to escape....

Dr Faustus has succeeded in bending Sharon Carter's mind to embrace Hydra—it turns out she is faking so she can punch Faustus' lights out and sabotage the Hydra warships via computer....

T'Challa comes upon Tony Stark's lab where he finds Arnim Zola, having reassembled the Cosmic Cube, using it to give Steve Rogers the power he needs to win....

At Pleasant Hill, the other Steve Rogers recalls his life but he knows nothing past the moment when Kobik changed his life. Now he realizes he is only a memory in Kobik's mind and he asks if she can make him real again...but she panics and runs off as the ground starts to shake....

In Washington, the good guys are defeating the bad guys when a new figure enters the field: Captain America Steve Rogers—with the power of a god....

Leinil Francis Yu
Gerry Alanguilan
Sunny Gho
Mark Brooks (Cover Penciler)
Mark Brooks (Cover Inker)
Mark Brooks (Cover Colorist)

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