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Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #5: Review

Oct 1992
Gregory Wright, Steven Butler

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Double jeopardy

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4 stars

Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #5 Review by (November 19, 2021)
This is a tie-in to the Infinity War mini-series connecting to IW#4.

Doombots are the robots that look exactly like Dr Doom (and have a tendency to think they *are* him). The Servo-Guards are the more conventional-looking robots introduced in Fantastic Four #83.

Silver Sable and Sandman will have a 1 panel cameo in IW#5 but that's the end of the event for them and the Wild Pack. Dr Doom and Kang will continue to play a major role.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #5 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Last issue Silver Sable went to Latveria for her annual dinner with Dr Doom. But Doom had gone off with Kang The Conqueror to track down a powerful energy source which both of them wanted, just before his Infinity War Doppelganger turned up. Silver's dinner date with the Dop didn't go so well and she hid by disguising herself as a Doombot. The Wild Pack were worried when they lost contact with their boss and flew to the rescue. But they didn't realise that Sandman had been replaced/absorbed by *his* Dop.

Now the Doom-Dop spots Sable. (She's got the green tunic and hooded cloak plus armour on her arms, and he hasn't seen her face. But I guess it was the bare legs and dainty shoes that gave her away.) So she grabs a power-lance, blasts a hole in the floor and dives through it to escape. She'd been examining Doom's latest comms messages and has learned about his trip with Kang, and also that America's superheroes are under attack by *their* Dops. She runs into some inactive Doombots and hatches a plan.

The Wild Pack are on their way. Amy Chen explains that the Doom/Sable dinner is diplomacy - Latveria and Symkaria have been allies since keeping out of WWII. Crippler, Doug Powell and Sandman snipe at each other as usual but Battlestar notices Sandman sending a sand arm to attack the pilot Raul Quentino. They think Sandy has reverted back to his old criminal ways and attack him. But the fight knocks Quentino and the aircraft spins out of control.

The real Dr Doom and Kang are flying a more advanced cloaked craft through multiple dimensions and have landed in the fortress of the Infinity War event's big bad Magus, as seen in IW#4. Activating personal stealth fields they go in search of the power source. But of course they each plan to double-cross the other when they achieve their goal.

In the Latverian castle the Doom-Dop meets a band of Doombots who shoot at him and *his* Doombot entourage. The Dop leaves them to fight it out and summons another band of Bots. 1 of which is Silver with a more complete disguise including metal facemask. She also has a device on her armoured wrist which enables her to subvert Doombots. He sends most of them off to hunt her down but keeps 2 with him, not realising that 1 of them is Sable herself.

Quentino averts a crash just outside Doom's castle. The rest of the team manage to stop Sandman suffocating Powell (in sand of course). Battlestar whales on Sandy until he drops and surprises them by turning into the alien Dops' natural form. They begin to suspect he *isn't* Sandman. Racist Powell hates having been saved by Battlestar. But everything pales before the fact that they are now under fire from the castle. Quentino now manages a crash onto the castle that they can walk away from.

Doom-Dop is monitoring a motion sensor display when he hears a blast behind him and turns to see 1 of his Bots disabled. The other claims that Sable shot it, but then it (Silver of course) shoots the Dop and demands to know who he really is. The Dop shoots back, dislodging the Doombot's facemask exposing her true identity. SS dives out of a hole in the wall onto a ledge and starts scaling the castle wall.

The Wild Pack are in the castle under attack by Doombots and Servo-Guards. Crippler's enjoying himself while Chen just efficiently dispatches the enemy.

Many dimensions away Doom and Kang have found what they came for - 5 Cosmic Cubes (which apparently don't exist in Kang's future). As seen in IW#4 again.

Hanging from a gargoyle armoured Silver Sable fires down at the Doom-Dop. But it shoots back and she has to leap for a balcony. From which she sees her Wild Pack fighting robots. She tries to use her wrist control to stop those Dops but the Doom-Dop has reached her side and crushes the device.

Powell sees what seems to be 2 Dr Doom's fighting each other and then recognises Silver's head. He tries to help her by shooting at Doom but she tells him to back off. She has the Dop on the ground and wants him alive to explain what's going on. She uses the Dop's wrist control to stop the fighting. But it transforms to its tentacled alien form and this time she lets Powell kill it.

Later they find the absorbed Sandman alive underneath *his* alien. Silver figures whatever's happening is well beyond their pay grade and they'll just have to hope the big guns can sort it out. Meanwhile we see another bit of IW#4. Galactus is responsible for all the Dops on Earth reverting to their true form and dying. Now he's preparing to mind-scan all the heroes in the expeditionary force that went dimension-hopping after Thanos, Warlock and the Infinity Watch.

Cover Not Available

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Steven Butler
James Sanders III
Joe Rosas
Steven Butler (Cover Penciler)
James Sanders III (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Jade Moede.
Editor: Craig Anderson. Editor-in-chief: Tom DeFalco.


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Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom

(Victor Von Doom)

(Kang the Conqueror)

Plus: Amy Chen, Battlestar, Crippler, Doug Powell, Raul Quentino, Silver Sable.

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