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Superior Iron Man #8: Review

Apr 2015
Tom Taylor, Felipe Watanabe

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Stark contrast

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4.5 stars

Superior Iron Man #8 Review by (May 3, 2015)
This is the 2nd issue this month as Marvel wants to get the story arc finished before Secret Wars. Unfortunately for that plan there'll be 1 more issue after SW has started. By accident or design this issue has the same title as the last 1. Felipe Watanabe (his 1st published work was to do part of last issue) replaces the advertised Yildiray Cinar as penciller - but then YC did do last issue unscheduled. The Iron Man Armory calls the Silver Centurion armour Model 12, but the Official Index says it's only Model 8. Whatever, it was introduced in IM#200 when Tony Stark took the Shellhead role back from James Rhodes. Pepper shouldn't be *that* concerned about the idea of overwriting Tony's mind with an old backup version. She did it in Dark Reign after Stark's brain was completely emptied.


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Superior Iron Man #8 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Last issue the AI/backup of Tony Stark's mind in the old Model 2 Iron Man armour abducted Tony, with the support of Pepper Potts, to the Resilient space station. The plan was to fix what Axis did to Stark's brain and turn the conscienceless Superior Iron Man back into moral Tony. But Stark destroyed the AI in the armour.

At Resilient HQ Pepper has lost contact with the space station. Stark's 'bodyguard' the 13-year old orphan Teen Abomination is confused and doesn't know who to trust. The situation isn't helped because he's just been told that his father was Pepper's husband. Pepper assures Jamie she'll help him when this is all over.

The comms screen comes alive and Pepper sees Tony Stark now in the M2 armour. But at the same time the Model 12 Silver Centurion armour walks in to join Pepper and Jamie. The AI wasn't destroyed, it's just transferred to the newer armour.

Tony tries to sow discord by telling Pepper that the AI never intended to cure him. It was just going to overwrite his mind with itself and then pretend to be cured. The AI counters that Tony's incurable. And he saw inside Tony's mind last issue and knows what he has planned for the world. And Stark won't let anything stand in his way.

Superior Tony actually agrees, and says he's on his way to remove them as obstacles. He flies the M2 armour out into space and finds his stranded (last issue) Superior armour and absorbs it.

The AI is about to fly the M12 armour out to meet him when Teen Abomination gets a broadcast text from Tony inviting people to come to Stark Island for a party. The AI realises that they will form a human shield for him. So it decides to use the time in preparing for the upcoming fight.

Tony's party lasts all day and into the night. But when everyone else is wasted he heads to a computer to carry out his strategy. Meanwhile the AI is messing with armour.

Next morning the AI meets up with Pepper and Jamie again. Pepper answers Jamie's phone and Tony tells her to tell the AI he's activated Bio-Mark-One. This spurs the AI into action but it continues to keep in touch with Pepper, explaining Bio-Mark-One as it travels. This was an idea Stark had long ago but understandably never implemented - to electronically take over nearby minds and use people as drones. But the Superior Tony Stark has no moral qualms.

The Iron Sight drones that Stark sowed all over San Francisco in #4 report the M12's approach. So Superior Tony takes over all his guests to form the human shield the AI was afraid of. But then Iron Sight reports all the other old Iron Man armours in the air as well. And these whisk all the civilians to safety. With some armours left over to help the M12 attack the Superior version.

But then Stark accesses more of the liquid metal his suit is made from to create a bulked-up Hulkbuster-type armour, and fights back.

Felipe Watanabe
Ruy Jose
Mike Choi (Cover Penciler)
Mike Choi (Cover Inker)
Mike Choi (Cover Colorist)


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