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Superior Iron Man #6: Review

Mar 2015
Tom Taylor, Laura Braga

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In his own image

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4 stars

Superior Iron Man #6 Review by (March 14, 2015)
I don't know why the cover shows Iron Man holding a baby, even if it is probably supposed to be Teen Abomination. Tony Stark made Pepper Potts the CEO of Stark Industries when he was on the run during Dark Reign. She remained CEO of the new company Stark Resilient afterwards. Tony gave the company to its employees in #520 to protect them from his enemies, especially Mandarin, and the name was changed to just Resilient. It's unclear whether he bought the company back at the end of that storyline and series. But it retained the name Resilient and he withdrew from it completely at the start of the 2012 series, later going off into space and then concentrating on his Troy city of the future when he came back. And at the beginning of this series he says he's formed a new Stark Industries built around his Extremis 3.0 app. Tony's playing fast and loose with the language to call Pepper stepmother of Jamie, the result of an affair of Happy's. The end of this issue is supposed to be a big reveal that there's no-one inside the old Iron Man armour that's been working with Pepper. But I assumed it was an AI from its 1st appearance.


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Superior Iron Man #6 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Tony Stark offers the plans for a weapon of mass annihilation to the US military for 200 billion dollars, with the threat of  offering it to the Chinese or Russians instead. Someone pays the money. Pepper Potts and her companion, clad in a suit of old Iron Man armour (from #1 and #3), notice the transaction and are concerned about what the amoral (since Axis) Tony will do with the money.

Stark goes to the board of a media empire owned by Gerald, a thinly-disguised Rupert Murdoch, to stage a hostile takeover. He wants the media outlets for PR purposes when he carries forward his sweeping plans to 'improve' the world. He takes with him Teen Abomination, not of course for intimidation purposes but because he's his legal guardian and couldn't get a babysitter. During the meeting the board members get messages from their shareholders urging them to take the extremely generous offer.

Gerald calls in security, which angers TA. The guards shoot at Jamie Carlson with no effect. Stark calls his morphing Iron Man armour to him (through a window) and tries to calm the situation down. But the guards just fire at him. Until IM does get them all to stop shooting.

But then Gerald claims that there is a simple reason why he can't sell his company to Stark. Pepper walks in and explains that she's already bought 54% of the company for Resilient.

Tony regains a bit of tactical advantage by 'letting slip' that Pepper is Jamie's stepmother, and then suggests they discuss things at Resilient. Pepper meets Tony and Jamie at Resilient HQ (temporarily emptied of staff). She persuades Tony to discard the armour, and takes them down in a lift to a new deep basement. On the way down Stark explains that Jamie's father is Pepper's dead ex-husband Happy Hogan (as we learned last issue).

When they reach the bottom the roof ceiling opens and Pepper flies away on high-heeled-shoe-jets. The lift door opens and the old Iron Man armour attacks. It knocks out Teen Abomination, but not before TA removes its faceplate. Then the armour turns on Tony and we see that it is empty.

Laura Braga
Laura Braga
Mike Choi (Cover Penciler)
Mike Choi (Cover Inker)
Mike Choi (Cover Colorist)


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