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Superior Iron Man #4: Review

Jan 2015
Tom Taylor, Yildiray Cinar

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The choice

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4 stars

Superior Iron Man #4 Review by (January 28, 2015)
Cory Hamscher inked most of this issue, leaving Daredevil falling from Tony Stark's office. Tom Palmer took over for the last 5 pages, covering the rescue and Matt Murdock's hospitalisation. So the conflict with Daredevil continues into this issue and the next, and probably to #6 to make a TPB's-worth. There's a gap between this issue and last, so we're probably now post-Axis. But readers of Axis #9 will know that Tony Stark managed to retain his Superior personality. Kirsten McDuffie is Matt Murdock's current law partner and girlfriend. But she's been around since Daredevil (2011) #1 as an assistant DA.


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Superior Iron Man #4 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Tony Stark does a TV interview to explain the next stage of his Extremis makeover of San Francisco. It has divided the city into those who can afford to keep paying for it and those who can't. And those who can't are increasingly turning to crime. So he's going to flood the city with flying security drones collectively called Iron Sight. They can use data from the Internet to identify all the citizens, so there's nowhere to hide. They will also detect people entering the city from outside.

Tony deflects criticism concerning those who can't afford Extremis doses by saying that he's given them more incentive to better their situation, so that they can afford it.

Daredevil is making it his business to disable the IS drones whenever he detects 1. He's also thought back to #2 and the rally on Castro Street when Stark handed out free Extremis days. Matt remembers an almost inaudible sound as people downloaded Extremis to their mobile phones. He suddenly realises what Tony has really done.

Stark has to cut short the interview to return to Stark Island as Iron Man where SHIELD, including Director Maria Hill, is trying to arrest Teen Abomination. Hill is really here because she doesn't like the whole way Tony is acting lately. But the excuse is that TA is a fugitive. He was arrested in #1 but escaped last issue, and Stark has given him sanctuary.

But now it turns out that Stark's lawyers have got TA's outstanding warrant quashed. And Tony points out that he's not going to be a public nuisance while he's confined to Stark Island. SHIELD are forced to retreat.

Tony's fed up of calling his guest Teen Abomination. But the youth's real name Jamie doesn't suit him either. So Tony will have to think up a better 1. He also reassures Jamie that he's trying to discover how he became the Abomination, so he can figure out how to reverse it. Then he brusquely sends the 'monster' away as he detects the entrance of Daredevil.

Matt Murdock also repeats his refusal of a continuously free Extremis cure for his blindness, that he sampled last issue. And he tells Stark he's worked out how he's doing it. Extremis is a virus, and can't be transmitted by phone. Tony must have given everyone the virus some other way. When people think they're paying for a (repeat) dose, the phone is really just transmitting a trigger to (re)activate the virus.

And the only way Stark could blanket the city was through the water supply (now that bottled water is banned in San Francisco). But putting a non-FDA-approved substance in the drinking water is a crime, and lawyer Murdock will see Stark goes down for it.

Teen Abomination has been listening. He can't afford to see Stark arrested, so he bursts in to attack DD, who ends up falling through a window without his billy club to save him with its grappling hook line. Tony isn't wearing his armour, so he sends it out the window and remotely controls it to catch the falling hero and morph around him in a protective shell.

The suit brings Daredevil back but doesn't let him go. Stark plans to make the action of the Extremis phone app truly inaudible from now on. And that just leaves dealing with the problem that Murdock already knows about it.

Dismissing TA again, TS transports DD to a lab/operating theatre in the armour. There he gives him a controlled electroshock.

A few days later Matt Murdock wakes in a hospital bed, to be greeted by his friend Kirsten and Tony Stark. His recent memories have been erased, and Tony tells him that he was hit in the head while fighting Teen Abomination. Matt will have to stay for a few weeks while doctors monitor his recovery. All at Tony's expense of course.

Yildiray Cinar
Cory Hamscher
Mike Choi (Cover Penciler)
Mike Choi (Cover Inker)
Mike Choi (Cover Colorist)


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