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Tales of Suspense #100: Review

Dec 2017
Matthew Rosenberg, Travel Foreman

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[Red Ledger]

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4 stars

Tales of Suspense #100 Review by (January 15, 2019)

Review: Even though Black Widow was dead—we even saw the x-rays of her broken neck—we knew they would be bringing her back sooner or later. It just turned out to be sooner, even though I suspect a lot of readers missed it because Marvel was bringing back Wolverine at the same time in an event that seemed to last three years and 10,000 comics issues. So they brought the Widow back in a five-issue miniseries that not only didn't have her name in the title, it resurrected a defunct title from half a century ago (but continuing the old numbering). So it flew under the radar. Seems appropriate for a spy.

Anyway, the miniseries turned out to be pretty cool, featuring a bickering Hawkeye and Winter Soldier, the Odd Couple among Natasha's lovers for a fortuitous choice of casting. As the tale became increasingly grim—leading up to the mass murder of Natasha clones—the two heroes kept everything from becoming too intense. And the presence of Ursa Major was just icing on the cake.

Comments:Marvel Legacy.” “Red Ledger Part 1 (of 5)”--Cover. Comic continues the numbering of the original TALES OF SUSPENSE which changed its title to CAPTAIN AMERICA at issue #100. Black Widow was killed by the evil Captain America in SECRET EMPIRE #7. Issue includes a fake letters page with comedic missives ostensibly from 1968.


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Tales of Suspense #100 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Clint “Hawkeye” Barton goes undercover at the funeral of an ex-Hydra official. His snarky attitude and boorish manners lead the top man, Peter Antone, Ambassador to Chernaya, to question his presence. A fight breaks out, leading to the funeral home burning to the ground. And so Hawkeye heads to Chernaya. His objective: to learn if Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow, is still alive and killing former Hydra operatives....

Arriving in the troubled nation, Clint is caught up in a crowd heading to stage a protest at the US Embassy. Once there, he attacks the guards and is arrested; as they go to put him in a van, he escapes, thinking he sees Natasha on the building's roof. Entering the Embassy he makes his way to Peter Antone's office, offering protection. They come under fire and Hawkeye fires (arrows) back and discovers his opponent is the Winter Soldier. They puzzle out that they are both there to prevent the murders of Hydra officials and both see the killings as pointing to their former lover, Black Widow. Bucky finds Natasha's calling card (an hourglass) indicating she had killed someone on that site. And then Antone discovers the bomb—which detonates....

Travel Foreman
Travel Foreman
Rachelle Rosenberg
Marco Checchetto (Cover Penciler)
Marco Checchetto (Cover Inker)
Marco Checchetto (Cover Colorist)


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Black Widow

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Black Widow
Black Widow

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Winter Soldier

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