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Thor #141: Review

Jun 1967
Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

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The Wrath of Replicus

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3 stars


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #141 Synopsis by Marvel Comics
Chuda demonstrates the abilities of a robot replica of Thor to Slugger Sykes. Sykes is impressed, but Chuda's most powerful replica is Replicus, who Chuda believes can defeat Thor.

Don Blake visits the ailing Granny Gardenia who sells flowers on the street. While he's there, two of Sykes' hoods arrive to pick up Sykes' usual gardenias that he wears in his lapel. 

Later, Sykes sends Replicus out on a crime spree. Thor intervenes but Replicus wrests his hammer away. While Thor and Replicus fight, Chuda tells Sykes that he is an alien with dreams of conquest. Sykes refuses to see his planet conquered and turns on Chuda, knocking him into his lab's power pile, killing them both and shutting down Replicus.

Later, Blake visits Granny Gardenia who is mourning the death of his son - Slugger Sykes.

Story #2

Alibar and the Forty Demons! (Tales of Asgard series)

Writer: Stan Lee. Penciler: Jack Kirby. Inker: Vince Colletta. Letterer: Art Simek.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor and the Warriors Three invade the fabled city of Zanadu hidden within the Mystic Mountain, causing the panicked populace to flee. As they search for the palace of Mogul, Volstagg spies a litter chair wherein is seated a beautiful noblewoman and decides to "investigate." The other heroes fight their way through the city’s elite guards, scoffing at the mediocre performances of these supposedly crack troops. In his throne room, Mogul is sentencing the thief Alibar to death for stealing food from the kitchen to feed the poor. Instead, the tyrant conceives a better plan: pretending mercy, he names Alibar a prince and a gladiator, magically endowing him with armor and a battle steed. He hands Alibar the battle standard of Hogun’s tribe and sets the luckless thief at the head of a cavalry of Satan’s Forty Horsemen. Alibar rides into battle against the Asgardian invaders—unable to flee his suicide mission….

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Jack Kirby
Vince Colletta
Letterer: Art Simek.


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Warriors Three
Warriors Three

(Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg)

Plus: Demon Riders, Mogul of the Mystic Mountain.

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