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Thor #174: Review

Mar 1970
Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

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The Carnage of the Crypto Man!

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4 stars


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Thor #174 Synopsis by Marvel Comics
Jasper Whyte, self-styled "world's greatest micro-electronic engineer," uses an illusion-beam to distract Thor, hits him with a hypno-stun ray, then absorbs some of his might with his strength sapper. Seeking revenge on those who ridiculed him, Whyte arrives at his warehouse where he imbues his Crypto-Man robot with Thor's power, planning to create an army with which to dominate the world.

The weakened Thor returns to Dr. Don Blake's office where he finds Mrs. Whyte concerned about her missing son. She shows Jasper's picture, wondering if Don as seen him.

Meanwhile, the Crypto-Man begins his rampage and the police cannot stop it. Thor tackles the robot, quickly recognizing it as wielding his own power. The robot outfights Thor. Jasper appears and gloats, revealing that the Crypto-Man will take the city hostage by capturing an atomic power complex.

Recognizing Jasper, Thor reminds him that his mother's life will be endangered as well. Finding the Crypto-Man dangerously near a reactor, Jasper, protecting his mother, overloads his control beam in stopping his robot, causing a feedback that kills him (and disables the robot).

Afterward, Don Blake tells Mrs. Whyte that Jasper died so that other might  live.

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Jack Kirby
Bill Everett
Letterer: Sam Rosen.


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Plus: Crypto-Man.

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