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Thor #331: Review

May 1983
Alan Zelenetz, Bob Hall

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Holy War

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3.5 stars

Thor #331 Review by (July 20, 2020)

Review: Ummm. I did mention last issue that a comic book is a poor place to discuss a complex topic such as religion. This issue’s message boils down to “the god with the most faith in himself wins” and raises more questions than answers. Five stars for ambition, 2 for execution, equaling a 3.5.

Comments: Part two of two parts.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #331 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Thor battles the Crusader at the ceremony in Chicago’s Civic Center. Sif, shocked to see Thor injured and bleeding, hastens to the scene. The two battle furiously, with Thor coming off much the worse but he considers that he can’t give up, for the honor of Asgard. Thor manages to smash the Crusader’s shield but the Crusader thrusts his sword through Thor’s abdomen. Sif then arrives and spouting defiance to the Crusader, she teleports Thor home to Asgard. Heimdall quickly passes them along to Odin who is in council discussing a new palace. Odin heals Thor and explains that Thor lost the fight because his foe was strong in the faith that his cause was just but Thor was confounded by the matter of worship. The All-Father tells him that the days for their worship lie far in the past. Sif transports them home where Thor muses on the myriad matters in his mind: worship, secret identity, his mission on Earth and decides that his mission to do good is right and he needs not to be worshipped….

Later, the Thor cult is upset by the disappearance of their deity; Father William Boylan is hoping to minister to their grief. The Crusader, carrying Thor’s helmet as a trophy, arrives to accuse the priest of sacrilege. Father William tries to talk sense into his former student but Crusader smacks him—then Thor returns for round two. Thor gives the Crusader a beating, smashing his magic sword while lecturing him on theology and tolerance and ending by wrapping him around a lamppost. Father William and the squire Polowski help Crusader over to the emergency room and Thor reclaims his helmet. The Thunder God then tells his followers to pursue goodness instead of worshipping him and flies off to go to work as Dr Donald Blake while Sif plans to act like a normal human….

Entering the office, Don is met by the police, who want to question him about the murder of Jane Foster….

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Bob Hall
Vince Colletta
George Roussos
Bob Hall (Cover Penciler)
Joe Sinnott (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
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Plus: Crusader (Arthur Blackwood).

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