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Thor #349: Review

Nov 1984
Walt Simonson, Walt Simonson

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Debts of Honor!

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4.5 stars

Thor #349 Review by (October 29, 2013)
Review: This episode mostly lays the groundwork for the upcoming arc, but it’s still a bit too talky. Walt’s word balloons threaten to overwhelm Walt’s art; he has no one to blame but himself.

Comments: Part one of five parts. Surtur appears only in Odin’s story. Malekith spends the entire issue unconscious.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #349 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

The Casket of Ancient Winters has been opened unleashing icy weather on the world; Thor transports himself, Lorelei, and Roger Willis (along with the unconscious Malekith) back to her apartment in New York. Roger becomes suspicious of Lorelei and tries to warn Thor but she takes him aside and gives him a kiss which magically seals his mouth. Roger is able to dilute her hypnotic Golden Mead when she isn’t looking, though….

Balder returns to Asgard with the assassin Agnar, who is startled at the trust the hero places in him. Balder brings Odin news of the Norns’ warning of a burning shadow to fallover Asgard. The All-Father gazes into the Crystal of Vision and sees Thor with Lorelei; recognizing her, he is relieved that his son has not taken up with another mortal woman and moves on. Thor soon arrives with the captive Malekith and reports of the deathly winter covering Midgard. Odin gathers his trusted people and relates the following story: When he was young, he and his brothers Vili and Ve entered the land of Muspelheim looking for adventure. The demons ushered the trio into the presence of their lord Surtur and Odin asked if it is true the Demon King would someday destroy the Nine Worlds with fire. On hearing the affirmative, Odin battles Surtur and destroyed his sword. Snatching up the Eternal Flame of Destruction with which Surtur will kindle the fires, the brothers escaped. Vili and Ve sacrificed their lives to prevent Surtur from following—and Odin gained their strength, creating the Odinpower. Now the Eternal Flame is safe in Asgard but Surtur, having reforged his sword Twilight, will soon invade. To prepare for the defense of the realm, Odin summons the hero Beta Ray Bill….

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Walt Simonson
Walt Simonson
Christie Scheele
Walt Simonson (Cover Penciler)
Walt Simonson (Cover Inker)


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(Balder the Brave)

Warriors Three
Warriors Three

(Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg)

Plus: Surtur (Surtur the Fire Demon).

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