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Warlock Chronicles #6: Review

Dec 1993
Jim Starlin, Kris Renkewitz

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4 stars

Warlock Chronicles #6 Review by (May 20, 2023)
This is part 3 of the Blood And Thunder crossover with Silver Surfer, Thor and Warlock & Infinity Watch which is the climax of the story of Thor's madness which has been running through many issues of his title. Part 1 in Thor #468 had the madness escalating and making him fight Beta Ray Bill and Sif. Silver Surfer turned up on the last page. SS#86 had Thor fighting Bill and Surfer until Adam Warlock and Pip The Troll arrived, again on the last page. Now this issue shows how Adam and Pip got to that point.

Eternity was last seen in our #3 within the Infinity Crusade event. His next cameo will be in a backup tale in Fantastic Four #27 starring Kosmos, the evolved Cosmic Cube that used to be the Beyonder.

Moondragon, Pip and Warlock have had a few apps since IC.
Adam and Heather Douglas guest-starred in Quasar #53 as Moondragon tried to relieve Kayla Ballantine of the Starbrand.
The 2 and Pip then had a small part in Starblast #1, the start of another event.
Then the 3 have a cameo in Q#54 where they decide that the Blood And Thunder event is more important. The Marvel Chronology Project places that cameo within this issue.

Pip, Silver Surfer, Thor and Warlock will continue this story in WIW#23. The rest of the Infinity Watch won't be there. They will join them for Thor #469.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Warlock Chronicles #6 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
This issue begins with Moondragon using her Mind Gem to try to cure Maxam's amnesia while Adam Warlock looks on. She fails because there are formidable psychic fortifications grafted on to his mind. Adam is of the opinion that Maxam's powers were also later additions because he doesn't seem to use them instinctively. Heather Douglas concurs that she senses he's been altered genetically. Warlock has a vested interest in unravelling the mystery of their guest because Gamora's Time Gem showed her a vision of Maxam standing over his dead body. Which is why *she* is also watching with angry concern. She'd rather just get rid of the problem by getting rid of Max. Pip The Troll points out that Max did well during Infinity Crusade and the vision didn't show him actually *doing* the deed.

Max and Moonie fly off to where Drax The Destroyer is playing his saxophone. She explains that Drax was a musician in his previous life before Thanos killed him and Chronos resurrected him (as revealed in Captain Marvel #32). She also says that his current childlike state is because he suffered brain damage during a 2nd death, and admits that it was she who killed him that time (Avengers #220). And then Heather drops the bombshell that in his 1st life he was her father Arthur Douglas but he doesn't remember any of the above.

Adam calls Maxam to his side and tells him about the prophecy he got from Eternity (Warlock & Infinity Watch #15) that he would meet 5 beings. He believes he's already met 2 of them:- The 'terrible good' was obviously Goddess. The 1 'without a soul' is Count Abyss. The other 3 are 1 who will 'touch his heart', 1 whose 'trust he will betray' and 1 who will be 'entangled in a web of past and future woes'. He suspects Max is 1 of these, which is why he invited him to stay as a guest on Monster Island. When Warlock leaves Pip invites Max to join him in a visit to a New York bar.

But we follow Adam into his room, now a white space containing only the Orb Of Eternity which shows him a vision of Thor using his hammer to propel himself through space. He senses that the Asgardian is insane and uses his Soul Gem to detect that Thor thinks he has a female companion. Eternity himself then manifests to warn Warlock that the Thunder God is a danger to the universe. He also say that he's has noticed how Adam is currently arranging to put powerful beings into his debt as allies to face a forthcoming threat. The cosmic being also foresees the threat (but won't divulge anything about it) and he approves of Warlock's plan. They agree that Thor would be useful, and would be grateful if Adam were to cure his madness.

Gamora is seeking Pip but finds a despondent Drax who's sad because the Troll didn't want him along on the trip. She turns to Moondragon who's floating in lotus position reading a floating tome. Heather tells her that Pip and Max have gone to NY to party. Gamora is sure that won't end well.

We find the duo in the Laredo country and western bar dressed in the obligatory cowboy gear including Levis, boots and a stetson. Pip orders 2 beers but Max detects the other patrons staring at them. He wonders if they can tell they're paranormals. But the crowd is just angry because of Max's dark skin. The mystery man doesn't understand why but is willing to oblige when they insist on a fight. They all pile on him until he bulks up as Maxam (complete with costume) and throws them off. They aren't deterred so he throws them around until none of them are conscious.

Then Warlock contacts them and calls the pair home. Pip uses his Space Gem to teleport them, and then has to use it again to port him and Adam to where Thor has Silver Surfer defeated and is threatening to kill him.

Kris Renkewitz
Pat Redding
Ian Laughlin
Tom Raney (Cover Penciler)
Keith Williams (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Jack Morelli.
Editor: Craig Anderson. Editor-in-chief: Tom DeFalco.


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(Drax the Destroyer)
Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer

(Norrin Radd)


Plus: Eternity, Infinity Watch, Maxam, Moondragon, Pip the Troll.

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