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Winter Soldier #8: Review

Jul 2012
Ed Brubaker, Michael Lark

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Broken Arrow: Part Two

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3 stars

Winter Soldier #8 Review by (July 26, 2012)
Review: Not much goes on in this issue. Not much went on last issue but at least we had a cool action scene to occupy us. Here it’s just a barroom fight and a shooting. The cover (Bucky vs. Natasha) doesn’t even deliver on its promise, instead of a fight we get—ballet? At least that’s original, in the way that a battle between allies isn’t. For a story with so little to it, the climactic “To be concluded” is puzzling. But then, the solicit doesn’t describe anything that happens in the story either. Especially that most meaningless phrase, “Nothing will ever be the same!” And the saddest part? Fred Davis—the murdered Bucky—has been forgotten two issues later, suggesting it was just a cheap way to get the readers’ attention. Feh.

Comments: You aren’t seeing things; there are two “Part Two”s (issue #7 was an error).


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Winter Soldier #8 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Winter Soldier and a SHIELD team rush to the site where Black Widow was captured by rogue Zephyr agent Leo Novokov. Elsewhere, Novokov forces Soviet brainwashing expert Professor Rodchenko to aid him in his scheme of revenge by threatening the man’s family. His subject? The captured Black Widow.

Bucky spends a full day questioning underworld thugs and informers, looking for a lead on the villain’s whereabouts but it is Jasper Sitwell who comes through. After the wreckage of Novokov’s copter is found, Jasper identifies it as one stolen in Germany a year ago—and Bucky picks two of Novokov’s henchmen out of the suspects’ photos. Bad news: signs are pointing to an incursion into Russia for Bucky. Later, Jasper meets Bucky at a bar to which the remaining gang members have been lured. Bucky explodes into action, overpowers the men and demands they tell him Novokov’s plans.

Meanwhile, a sniper has shot out a tire, causing a taxi to hit a young ballerina just outside the Lincoln Center and the troupe auditions an outstanding replacement: a red-haired Russian named Natalia….

Michael Lark
Brian Thies
Bettie Breitweiser
Steve Epting (Cover Penciler)
Steve Epting (Cover Inker)
Steve Epting (Cover Colorist)


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Black Widow
Black Widow

(Natasha Romanoff)
Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes

(James Barnes)
Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier

(Bucky Barnes)

Plus: Jasper Sitwell, Leo Novokov.

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