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Winter Soldier #3: Review

Feb 2019
Kyle Higgins, Rod Reis

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4 stars

Winter Soldier #3 Review by (August 20, 2019)

Review: An issue that mainly consists of verbal sparring between RJ and Bucky, and RJ and Doc Samson, showing us the fragile nature of trust and of the mission Bucky is on. But that’s only up to when the battle with the Spot takes place, an action scene that is a lot more fantastic than the usual Winter Soldier encounters. And this fantasy villain comes across very naturally in Rod Reis' semi-realistic art. And there’s a last-page reveal designed to shake up the final two issues of this limited series….

Comments: The Spot is a Spider-Man villain who as introduced in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #97-98.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Winter Soldier #3 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

As Tony Stark replaces Winter Soldier’s missing cyborg arm, Sharon Carter informs them that their guest RJ is healing. Bucky goes to see the boy and brings him up to date on the situation, telling him to stay as long as he wants and encouraging him to leave his criminal past behind….

Two weeks later and RJ is being counseled by Doc Samson and he is fed up with the whole thing, believing Bucky is only being nice to him so the boy won’t kill him. RJ also knows who Doc Samson is, the Hulk’s doctor who couldn’t help him….

Samson reports to Bucky and Sharon that, because of his background, RJ has serious trust issues and suggests positive reinforcement. Meanwhile, RJ sneaks into Bucky’s room and reads his diary….

Later as Bucky is trying to reinforce RJ positively, he gets a call from another client who suspects he has been made by the enemy; Buck heads out, inviting RJ along. At a cabin in the Michigan woods, Bucky is trying to assess the danger to client Seth when the Spot reaches through his portals and tries to seize him; Bucky grabs the villain and his cyborg arm is severed by a portal. The three are beaten mercilessly by the Spot using his special powers. Bucky and Spot fall through a hole into Spotworld where the hero is brutally beaten. RJ makes sure Seth gets away and then returns with Bucky’s spare arm, firing his pistols at Spot. He delivers the arm to Bucky and the latter punches out the bad guy….

Later Sharon questions Bucky’s wisdom in taking RJ on the mission; RJ, having read Bucky’s diary, knows that while Buck is encouraging criminals to live better lives, he hasn’t managed to do that himself. Bucky explains that this mission helps him feel worthwhile again and he tries to make every day better than the last. He assures RJ that he doesn’t have to be a killer anymore and that he doesn’t have to be alone anymore….

Arriving back at home, they encounter a man skulking around the house who claims to be RJ’s father….

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Rod Reis
Rod Reis
Rod Reis
Rod Reis (Cover Penciler)
Rod Reis (Cover Inker)
Rod Reis (Cover Colorist)


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Doc Samson
Doc Samson

(Leonard Samson)
Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier

(Bucky Barnes)

Plus: RJ, Spot.

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