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2099 Unlimited #2: Review

Oct 1993
Gerard Jones, Dwayne Turner

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Thirty Mile Mall

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3 stars

2099 Unlimited #2 Review by (February 15, 2010)
It isn’t clear why Hulk couldn’t save both Quirk and Gawain at the end, since they were standing next to each other. First of three stories in this issue; Hulk does not appear in the other two.


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2099 Unlimited #2 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
At the large and decayed giant shopping center known as the thirty Mile Mall, Hulk is engaged in battle with the trolls who inhabit this section of the complex. He is there with Quirk to track down Gawain, who is a prisoner of Sweet Dreams Security. John Eisenhart and Quirk had entered the north end, which is still in operation, to find a sports center called Sweat Tech, undercover as a model and her agent interested in an advertising deal. There they saw Gawain being held and the boy, spotting John, called him a murderer. Realizing he was a spy, the guards fire on John who becomes the Hulk and defeats security as Gawain is taken away in a van.

Pursuing, Hulk and Quirk come to Reseda, a desolate and unsupervised area of the mall where they battle the mutant trolls and deadly robot mannequins. They discover the entrance to an underground lab where Gawain is being interrogated about the gamma ray experiments conducted by the Knights of the Banner. Hulk tries to rescue the boy but the mysterious Programmers who control the area trigger a bomb. Hulk has enough time to rescue Quirk and get out of the building. When the singer asks why Hulk chose to save her rather than the boy, he explains that, since the Programmers needed Gawain, they would have saved him themselves and let Quirk die. Hulk ends by voicing his suspicion that the bad guys are trying to create an army of Hulks.

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Dwayne Turner
Dwayne Turner
Tom Smith


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