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2099 Unlimited #5: Review

Jul 1994
Gerard Jones, J. J. Birch

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Never Let Go

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3 stars

2099 Unlimited #5 Review by (February 15, 2010)
First of three stories in this issue; Hulk does not appear in the other two.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

2099 Unlimited #5 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
After Dr. Phil, the studio’s attitude adjustment expert, makes a veiled threat to John Eisenhart to drop his secret activities, John decides to head off to protect Quirk, whom he suspects the threat was aimed at. Elsewhere, John’s sister Marian, a psychodrama prostitute who uses an image enhancer to fulfill men’s fantasies, has been hired to set a trap for her brother by pretending to be a hostage and luring him to a certain address. On his way to the rendezvous, John recalls their upbringing in a rough neighborhood and how they had promised to take care of one another…until John’s Hollywood career turned him into a cold and greedy opportunist. Now he has a chance to redeem himself and become a hero again: turning into the Hulk, he invades the criminal’s hideout and discovers that it was a set-up. He is attacked by Vulx, a genetically-engineered monster with tentacles and insect limbs. Hulk clobbers him and tries to capture one of the backup gang for information. But Vulx uses Marian as a real hostage. Hulk yells, “Let my sister go!” and throws himself at his mutant foe. Distracted he is gunned down by the gang. Realizing that the Hulk is her brother, Marian uses her image-caster to create the illusion that Hulk is dead, delay an attack long enough for Hulk to recover and beat Vulx, knocking down the building in the process. Hulk chooses to save Marian and let the gang get away. Brother and sister have a brief reunion, with Marian discovering her brother has changed, and not just in the obvious way. He explains his mission to rescue Gawain from the evil geneticists who are planning to create an army of monsters and regrets losing his leads.

Meanwhile, back at his apartment, Quirk has arrived with the information John has been looking for.

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J. J. Birch
Fred Harper
Tom Smith


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