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2099 Unlimited #4: Review

Apr 1994
Gerard Jones, J. J. Birch

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Hammer’s Echo

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3 stars

2099 Unlimited #4 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Epilogue to the “Fall of the Hammer” story arc which spanned the 2099 titles at this time. First of three stories in this issue; Hulk does not appear in the other two.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

2099 Unlimited #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Sigurd, the Man-God, a huge pink monster wielding a wooden hammer goes on a violent rampage in San Francisco to announce the coming of the true Ragnarok. Local security is powerless to stop him and he’s gathering a following of Thor cultists. John Eisenhart and Quirk are flying overhead in and aircar when it is downed by flying debris. Seeing that the monster is killing even the cultists who are attracted to him, John becomes the Hulk and attacks Sigurd with no effect. Suspecting the source of his powers lies in the medallion he wears, Hulk rips it off but again there is no effect on the monster. As Sigurd continues to take out his rage on the helpless Thorists, Hulk realizes he must make the monster see they are two of a kind, but Sigurd will have none of the Hulk’s “monster” talk: he is the perfect man.

The fight goes against Hulk and just when things seem dark, Quirk crashes the aircar into Sigurd, distracting him long enough to show the crowd the medallion he wore: it is really a holodisc containing the proof that, far from being the perfect man, Sigurd is really the result of a failed genetics experiment. The monster goes wild, denying the truth, vowing to kill all who have heard his secret. Hulk attacks, beating Sigurd to the ground and killing him. As the Thorists carry off the body of the fallen monster, Hulk plans to investigate the genetics lab that created Sigurd, hoping to find a connection to the villains who are holding Gawain.

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J. J. Birch
Mark McKenna
Tom Smith

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