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All-New All-Different Avengers #11: Review

Jun 2016
Mark Waid, Mahmud Asrar

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4 stars

All-New All-Different Avengers #11 Review by (July 1, 2016)
The science-guy in me can't help but interject here. If the Negative Zone really was an antimatter universe then there'd be bigger problems than just the effect of positrons on Iron Man's electronics - the positive matter people would just be destroyed in a flash of energy. But, accepting that this doesn't happen in the Neg Zone we know and love, Vision's solar power wouldn't be affected because the photon is it's own antiparticle - an antimatter sun would emit photon's the same as a matter sun does.

The original pair of Nega-Bands were found by Rick Jones in Captain Marvel #17. He wore both, but when he slammed his wrists together he exchanged places with the Kree Mar-Vell who was at that time trapped in the Negative Zone. Capt. Mar-Vell could then swap back by doing the same thing (or automatically after 3 hours). This was all cunningly orchestrated by the Kree Supreme Intelligence. This arrangement lasted with variations until CM#50, after which CM died in Marvel Graphic Novel #1.


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All-New All-Different Avengers #11 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Ms Marvel, Nova and Spider-Man have been captured by Annihilus in the Negative Zone and put to work on a chain gang mining something. The guards know how to nullify their powers. Kamala Khan tries to rouse the others to rebellion, but unfortunately they're all aliens and can't understand her. Sam Alexander blames himself because the Avengers came here to help him find his father. Miles Morales wonders where the other Avengers went when they all came here through the rift.

Nova says they have powers the guards haven't seen and so aren't prepared for. Figuring the guards' eyes are adapted to the dark mine, Sam fires off a bright Nova blast. Ms Marvel takes the opportunity to shrink out of her wrist shackles, and attacks guards at giant-size. Spidey-Miles also gets out of his somehow, and uses his invisibility power to defeat some more guards. Then he snaps Nova's shackles.

Captain America, Iron Man and Vision are together. Sam Wilson seems unaffected by the place they're in. But Tony Stark's electronics aren't faring well in the antimatter universe's positron-heavy atmosphere (which for some reason means he can't close his faceplate). And the solar-powered Vision is poisoned by the anti-matter sun.

They follow another group of chained prisoners and see Jane-Thor fighting Annihilus. They also see a giant cannon which Anni's rant tells us is his Techtronicon which is fuelled by the ore being mined. And when it's ready he'll fire it into the positive universe through the portal they came through. And all the slaves he's captured will then be soldiers in his army.

Cap and the Golden Avenger join in Thor's fight. But Annihilus takes IM underwater. As he starts to drown he sees the gold band on his foe's wrist, and recognises it as akin to that worn by the original Captain Marvel. But he's rescued by Nova.

Ms Marvel and Spider-Man are leading an assault on the giant cannon. Nova attacks Annihilus, who he thinks has abducted his father along with all the aliens, but gets swatted.

Tony Stark thinks he's figured out what's going on. He saw another gold bracelet in the tower in the posiverse that attacked them last issue. He believes that and the 1 Annihilus is wearing  are Nega-Bands like Mar-Vell and Rick Jones used to wear that allowed them to switch places with each other when 1 was in the posiverse and the other in the Negative Zone. That's how their enemy has a gateway between the universes.

Tony borrows Sam's helmet and starts modifying it. He sends the others except Vision to get the bracelet off Annihilus. The insect lord shrugs off all 4 and goes to fire up his cannon. Then he holds them off while it warms up.

But their attack was just a distraction. Vision creeps up behind him wearing Nova's helmet, which Shellhead has modified to convert anti-sun output for the synthezoid's use. Vizh does his arm-through-the-chest move, and Thor is able to rip Anni's hand off and grab the yellow band.

She struggles to hold it as it tries to get through the portal to its mate in the posiverse. The other Avengers lead all the prisoners through the gateway. And then Thor follows with Spider-Man clinging to her cloak. Annihilus reaches out for his 'precious'.

As they all gather their breath back in the positive universe the gateway closes. The Avengers have still got to figure out how to get back home to Earth. But then Cap realises SM is missing. He's still in the Neg Zone with Annihilus.

Mahmud Asrar
Mahmud Asrar
Dave McCaig
Alex Ross (Cover Penciler)
Alex Ross (Cover Inker)
Alex Ross (Cover Colorist)


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