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All-New All-Different Avengers #9: Review

May 2016
Mark Waid, Mahmud Asrar

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4 stars

All-New All-Different Avengers #9 Review by (May 28, 2016)
The artist role has returned to Mahmud Asrar again.

Thor's the only ANAD Avenger not in this issue. But Sam Cap's only in the last bit.

Henry Pym 'died' when he merged with Ultron and they went of into space at the end of the Rage of Ultron GN. Janet Van Dyne hasn't been seen since his 'funeral'. I'm not sure who else counts as the family Jarvis is taking Nadia to see.
Actually Jan pops up in Uncanny Avengers #9 this month, where Hank has returned from space claiming to be in control of Ultron.

The 1st Mrs Pym's story was told in flashback in Tales to Astonish #44. Marvel's rolling timescale probably makes Nadia in her late teens.
The Red Room was the Soviet training facility for Black Widows. (Though how that fits with her age is a problem.) Winter Soldier was part of another branch of that programme. He was involved with the Natasha Romanov BW, but Nadia was probably too late to meet her.
The 2nd story in the Civil War II Free Comic Book Day issue told bits of this Wasp tale but I think left it less clear whether she is a heroine or a villainess.

The conversation between Iron Man and Nova at the end is a copy of the end of Nova #7. The next few issues of ANADA will take the team with Nova out into space. Meanwhile the next issues of Nova will be Civil War II tie-ins. So the ANADA space quest is presumably pre-CW.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

All-New All-Different Avengers #9 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Edwin Jarvis isn't happy being butler in the rundown aircraft hangar the ANAD Avengers are using as a HQ. He used to work in Avengers Tower. But he lives to serve the Stark family - now Tony. Today as he serves mugs of tea he finds the team under attack (again).

As blasts come in through a wall Iron Man sends Ms Marvel and Vision to scout in 1 direction, Nova and Spider-Man in the other, and he himself goes straight up through the roof. But there's no sign of any foe, except Spidey's spider-sense is still going off.

Vision finds that the holes in the wall could have been made by his own solar blasts. The Golden Avenger says that doesn't make sense because he was standing in the middle of the team. Vizh replies cryptically "I will be, yes" but can't explain why he said that.

Another blast strikes, this time from above. And Iron Man's armour detects something near Nova, and Miles Morales grabs it in 1 hand (presumably his spider-sense guides him). But a shock makes him let go. Vision fires solar beams at the place, but no beams appear.

Then someone expands to human size. And claims to be the Wasp and friendly. Jarvis is angry at someone taking the id of Janet Van Dyne. He rips off her helmet and confirms that it certainly isn't her. But the imposter claims to be her stepdaughter.

Before they can process this another Vision appears, minus an arm, and repeats his earlier statement about the blasts being similar to his own. And the current Vision fades away leaving the 1-armed intruder immobile. Wasp goes all fan-girl and asks to help because she's been reading up on the android. But Tony Stark just tells her to explain herself to Jarvis while he investigates what's wrong with Vizh.

Wasp says her name's Nadia and she's the daughter of Henry Pym's 1st wife Maria Trovaya. The other fan-girl Ms Marvel confirms her existence and that she was kidnapped and killed by foreign agents. She speculates that Maria might have been pregnant without Hank knowing. Nadia agrees because from what she's learnt Henry Pym was the kind of man who would have come after her if he knew of her existence. This gets Jarvis on her side.

Nadia relates how she was brought up in the Soviet training facility the Red Room. And she remembers a man who we recognise as Winter Soldier. But eventually her aptitude got her transferred from fight training to science. She was told about her father, and researched Pym particles. But she used them to escape her masters.

Eventually she made her way to Henry Pym's lab. She learned he was dead, but she devoured his research notes and became the Wasp hoping to join the Avengers. IM's armour confirms she seems to be telling the truth. So they let her examine the Vision.

But suddenly the synthezoid's missing arm reappears moving independently, and it phases through Nova's chest. The team don't know what to do without harming pain-wracked Nova. But Nadia fires a blast which 'reverses the polarity', and the arm disappears and reappears connected to Vision.

As yet another solar blast hits from nowhere Spidey suggests Vision may be attacking them through time due to something leftover from his 'possession' by Kang the Conqueror (#1-6). Stark says he's checked Vizh's brain for computer viruses. But Wasp thinks maybe Kang left something more physical inside the android.

Vision suddenly goes superhot and Shellhead orders an evacuation of the hangar. But Wasp shrinks to fly inside Vizh and plants little bombs that shut him down. Vision collapses but is only rebooting. IM and Nova fly him to Stark's lab for repairs. Everybody congratulates Nadia.

Epilogue 1:-

Nadia earlier referred to Vision as part of her family (ie 'son' of Ultron who's 'son' of Hank Pym). Jarvis abandons cleaning up to take her to meet the rest(?) of her family.

Epilogue 2:-

Tony Stark gets Vision running again, and Vizh swears to not let Kang use him again. IM is with Sam Wilson/Captain America as he gets a call from Nova saying he's going off into space to look for his father. Tony offers the help of the Avengers.

Mahmud Asrar
Mahmud Asrar
Dave McCaig
Alex Ross (Cover Penciler)
Alex Ross (Cover Inker)
Alex Ross (Cover Colorist)


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